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  • Eva Peron - 1,143 words
    Eva Peron "What is happening to our people is a drama, an authentic and extraordinary drama for the ownership of life... of happiness... of the pure and simple well-being that my people have been dreaming about since the beginning of history." ~Eva Peron The Evita that people worldwide cherish as the Argentinian sweetheart is a stronger woman than I had ever envisioned. From reading her personal message to the people, I saw a woman who knew so much and had the will of an army to achieve her virtuous goal. She was a leader of the people, the people who lacked the power and authority to speak out for their cause. And she had a love for her nations people, like a mothers undying love for her ch ...
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  • Eva Peron - 1,576 words
    Eva Peron En esta monografa comparo que hay una diferencia entre los cuentos politicos e historicos del cine y el musical de Evita y la historia de Maria Eva Peron de Argentina. En el pasado de Eva Peron es dificl de seperar la verdad de los sueos. Hay rumores que Eva haba tenido relacines sexuales con muchos hombres para obtener poder en el gobierno, para trabajar en un buen trabajo, y para ayudar a su esposo cuando el gobierno lo secuestro. Los pobres dicen que ella fue una santa, y que ella cur a mucha gente (40,000 cartas al Papa dicen esto). Los pobres de Argentina dicen que Eva Peron es una santa. Cuando ella estaba viva se recibia a los pobres en la capital y les ayudaba con un bao y ...
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  • A Background Of Argentina - 614 words
    A background of Argentina A background of Argentina In the beginning of Argentina, we recall two major tribes; the Diaguita and the Gaurani who constituted the agricultural origins. During the 1500s, Spain discovered Argentina, and quickly claimed it for its own. Spain reigned until the 1800s when it was at war with Britain. In 1816 Argentina declared independence from Spain. After WWII there was a struggle for leadership of Argentina, eventually Juan Peron, a former dictator, was elected President. Peron represented himself as a leader for the common people, however his administration embezzled funds stole from the workers. With the help of his wife, Eva Peron, who became a spiritual symbol ...
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  • The Search For New Direction In The Musical From The American Dream To The Rock Opera - 1,896 words
    ... a different view of life, to show that there is freedom in love and sex, freedom from the constraints of society and the freedom to take drugs. It was the first musical of the hippie peace and love generation. It is still poignant today, as the social comments are still true. Corporate wealth, challenged in Hair, still rules in society today. Strong language and nudity ensured a measure of shock value. '...It (Hair) finds in the vocabulary of life a language which is free from clich, which has a coinage that is funny, surprising, and rich.'# The characters speak of sex, masturbation and drugs. All taboos in previous Broadway shows. They confront the audience and ask why we find these wor ...
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