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  • Edith Whartons Ethan Frome - 301 words
    Edith WhartonS Ethan Frome Character Analyses- Ethan In Edith Wharton's Ethan Frome, the title character, Ethan, is man of 28 stuck in a tedious marriage with a woman that he does not truly love. However, Ethan's character and the morals of the day prevent him from leaving his wife for a woman who he is in love with. This says a lot about Ethan's character. Not only is he very loyal, caring, and honest, but his morals and standards are something for everybody to admire. After reading this story, one might get the impression that Ethan got what he deserved for trying to leave Zeena. However, on closer examination, we can see that although he wanted to leave Zeena, not in a physical way but by ...
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  • Ethan - 596 words
    Ethan In the novel, Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton, Ethanes life, although difficult, was full of discontent because of his choices. Ethans poor choices have made him a miserable man with little to look forward to and only agony to look back on. Three topics that display this discontent for life and the poor choices that Ethan made are that Ethans experiences personal misfortune that hurt his chance for happiness, Ethan made choices too quickly and gave them little or no thought, and Zeenas hypocondriact nature was a huge weight on the soul of Ethan Frome. Ethan experiences personal misfortunes that hurt his chances for happiness. Ethan Fromes troubles began he made poor choices in his life. W ...
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  • Ethan From - 374 words
    Ethan From In life change is inevitable, in novels it is a way of life. All of the characters in., Ethan Frome change in one way or another, From Ethan Falling in love with Mattie, to him starting to shave every morning. These changes from the minor ones to the major ones all play a large part in the story. Another change that happens in the story is Ethan's opinion about the gravestone, It goes from him thinking that he will never escape to him pondering would him and Mattie be buried next to each other. One of the biggest examples of change in the story is Ethan falling in love with Mattie. This is a big change because he is already married to Zeena. The marriage to Zeena is simply a marri ...
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  • Ethan Frome - 594 words
    Ethan Frome Ethan Frome Ethan Frome written by Edith Wharton in 1905 is a novel about the dilemmas of a poor New England farmer named Ethan Frome, his wife Zeena, and Zeena's cousin, Mattie Silver. The first person narrator, an engineer, comes to the town of Starkfield and becomes curious about the crippled, taciturn Ethan Frome. The tragic consequences of Ethan's unhappy marriage and forbidden love are revealed in a flashback to twenty-four years before the narrators arrival in Starkfield. In 1992, a movie was made of Ethan Frome which kept this plot in tact but included a number of changes in how the story was narrated and in some of the details about the characters and the plot. Some of t ...
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  • Ethan Frome - 419 words
    Ethan Frome Shalayne Manibusan November 3, 2000 World Literature Book Report #1 Ethan Frome A man has been through much drama in his life. In Edith Whartons Ethan Frome it shows how Ethans parents fall ill and die, he then marries an older cousin, Zenobia, because he did not want to be lonely and she was the only one available it is an unhappy marriage right from the start. But a young cousin of Zenobia comes to live at the farm and thats when the whole love triangle starts. At the very end, Ethan and Mattie decide that the only way they can be together is if they commit suicide going down the hill on the sled aiming for a tree. But they end up surviving it. Mattie is paralyzed from the acci ...
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  • Ethan Frome - 354 words
    Ethan Frome Ethan Frome lost control of his life when his mother died. After his mothers funeral, Ethan did not want to be left alone on the farm, so he asked Zeena to stay with him. At first, Ethan enjoys her company. However, Zeena soon becomes a nuisance to Ethan, and prevents him from becoming an engineer in a large city. After being married a year, Zeena becomes sick herself, and the only time she talks to Ethan is to complain or show her discontent. After Mattie comes to the farm, Ethan does not love Zeena at all. He thinks the only pleasure she has left is to inflict pain on him. Since Zeena is a burden on Ethan, he naturally wants to improve his life. The reason he does not have cont ...
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  • Ethan Frome - 1,063 words
    Ethan Frome Ethan Frome is a story of ill-fated love, set during the winter in the rural New England town of Starkfield. Ethan is a farmer who is married to a sickly woman named Zeena. The two live in trapped, unspoken resentment on Ethan's isolated and failing farm. Ethan has been caring for his wife for six years now. Due to Zeena's numerous ailments they employ her cousin, the animated Mattie Silver, to help in the house. With Mattie's youthful presence and attitude in the house, Ethans bitterness of his youth's lost opportunities and the dissatisfaction with his life and empty marriage are reawaken. This resentment leads to Ethan and Mattie in turn, falling in love. However, they never f ...
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  • Ethan Frome And Jay Gatsby - 519 words
    Ethan Frome And Jay Gatsby In the novels Ethan Frome and The Great Gatsby, there are psychological characteristic similarities seen in the characters Ethan Frome and Jay Gatsby. These similarities include chasing love for wrong reasons and having the desire for someone you can not have and they are exemplified in their day to day lives. Both Jay and Ethan suffer from a great loneliness, emptiness, their dreams in which can never come true. They both destroy themselves in the end because of a great want and desire. Neither achieves their goals and end up living in misery. In the novel Ethan Frome, the main character Ethan Frome, has complex problems going on at the same time. The main theme o ...
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  • Ethan Frome By Edith Wharton - 678 words
    Ethan Frome By Edith Wharton ETHAN FROME KEYHOLE ESSAY The novel Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton tells the story of Ethan Frome and the tragedy he faces in his life. The story mainly focuses on the relationships between and among Ethan, his wife, and his wifes cousin, with whom he is in love. Wharton uses different literary devices to develop the plot, including irony as one of the most effective. The use of irony in the novel, especially in the climatic sledding scene, greatly adds to the development of the tragedy. The sled ride which Ethan and Mattie take at the end of the story is full of irony. They often talk of going sledding together. In the first conversation that the two have in the n ...
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  • Ethan Frome By Wharton - 1,285 words
    Ethan Frome By Wharton They say that if you give a man the necessary tools and supplies, he will build himself a trap. This trap is made unconsciously; therefore, it cannot be escaped; the solution cannot be found. The only solution that suffices is to live with this trap, sadly, for life. But is it the only solution? In Edith Wharton's romantic, yet tragic novel Ethan Frome, the need for affection causes Ethan Frome to gradually shed his taciturnity and bring his emotions to life. Early in the novel, Ethan's passiveness and lack of self-confidence, allow his wife Zeena to emasculate him, as well as make him emotionally inarticulate toward Mattie. Once Mattie Silvers enters Ethan's life, she ...
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  • Ethan Frome By Wharton - 1,318 words
    ... him the love and care that a wife should. Their marriage resembles a one way street, where only Ethan works to appease Zeena. Afterward, Ethan tries to build the courage to speak his mind to Zeena, as he becomes conscious of her malicious intent to send away his life's last joy. Ethan explains to Zeena that he cannot afford another hired hand, but he pledges to do much of the work himself along with Mattie. Zeena wickedly laughs at Ethan's face out loud and successfully deals him another blow below the belt. She signals her triumph over Ethan. Astonished, Ethan sweeps to Mattie's defense and vehemently cries, "You can't put her out of the house like a thiefa poor girl without friends or ...
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  • Ethan Frome Fantasy Is An Escape From Winter - 1,311 words
    Ethan Frome - Fantasy is an Escape from Winter Ethan Frome, the title character of Edith Wharton's tragic novel, lives in his own world of silence, where he replaces his scarcity of words with images and fantasies. There is striking symbolism in the imagery, predominantly that of winter which connotes frigidity, detachment, bleakness and seclusion. Twenty-eight year old Ethan feels trapped in his hometown of Starkfield, Massachusetts. He marries thirty-four year old Zeena after the death of his mother, "in an unsuccessful attempt to escape the silence, isolation, and loneliness of life" (Lawson 71). Several years after their marriage, cousin Mattie Silver is asked to relieve Zeena, a gaunt a ...
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  • Ethan Frome Readers Response - 604 words
    Ethan Frome Readers Response I thought the novel Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton was one of the best books that I have ever read. When I started reading the book I thought that it would be about the accident that Ethan experienced instead of the incidents behind it. The novel is also well written, Edith Wharton did a fine job writing a book that I never wanted to put down. I felt as though the story was being told to me and that I actually knew Ethan and Mattie. As well I enjoyed the way that Edith Wharton used a lot of adjectives to make the scenes and story come alive, for example in the end of the story during the sledding scene I actually felt as though I was on the sled with Ethan and Matt ...
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  • Ethan Frome: Failure - 651 words
    Ethan Frome: Failure Ethan Frome, the main character in the book entitled Ethan Frome, by Edith Wharton, has many complex problems going on at the same time. His family has died and he has a wife that is continually sick, and the only form of happiness he has is from his wife's cousin Mattie. This, however, at times proves to be hard because of Ethan's wifes interference. Nothing seems to be going in Ethan's favor. The main theme of the book is failure, and this is shown through marrying his wife, not being able to stand up to his wife, and his involvement concerning the "smash up." The first way failure is shown in the book is through the marriage of Ethan and his wife. He married her becau ...
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  • Ethan Frome: Hidden Meanings - 1,127 words
    Ethan Frome: Hidden Meanings Ethan Frome: Hidden meanings Ethan Frome is the story of a family caught in a deep-rooted domestic struggle. Ethan Frome is married to his first love Zeena, who becomes chronically ill over their long marriage. Due to his wife's condition, they took the services of Zeena's cousin, Mattie Silver. Mattie seems to be everything that Zeena is not, youthful, energetic, and healthy. Over time Ethan believes that he loves Mattie and wants to leave his wife for her. He struggles with his obligations toward Zeena and his growing love for Mattie. After Zeena discovers their feelings toward each other, she tries to send Mattie away. In an effort to stay together, Ethan and ...
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  • Ethan Fromes Psych - 1,011 words
    Ethan Frome's Psych. Ethan Frome as a Psychological Novel When Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote his novel, The Scarlet Letter, he was praised as being the father of the psychological novel. Since the completion of his landmark story, many other authors have taken their work in similar directions and have tried to reveal human psychology through their writing. Authors have been trying to convey truths about human behavior and explain the human psyche, often unsuccessfully. Edith Whartons novel, Ethan From, is an excellent example of a novel that succeeds in revealing truths. She fills her characters with nuances that reflect the subconscious and her setting is alive with reflected symbolism. She is ...
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  • Ethan Fromes Psych - 1,000 words
    ... ie are isolated from each other due to Matties injuries. The aspect of isolation portrayed through the setting and actions of the characters contributes to the establishment of Whartons Ethan Frome as a psychological novel. The characters of Ethan Frome ironically seem to crave disorder and use it as a means of security. The characters put themselves into situations that present confusion and chaos. Zeena is a prime example of a character that is unable to face reality and uses imaginary illnesses to compensate for the things that she lacks in life, spending her life caring for others as retribution for her own personal shortcomings and insecurities. When Zeena had no one left to care fo ...
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  • Failure In Ethan Frome - 462 words
    Failure In Ethan Frome Failure in Ethan Frome The main theme of the book Ethan Frome is failure. It is shown in three ways throughout the story: Ethan's marriage, him not being able to stand up to Zeena, and his involvement in the smash up. Ethan marries Zeena so he won't be alone after his mother dies. She seemed like a very cheerful, vivacious person while his mother was sick. After their marriage all this changed. She became a very nagging, sick wife. Because of Zeena's complications they had to hire someone to help around the house. Mattie, Zeena's cousin, needed a place to live and seemed fit for the job. She moved in and Ethan took and immediate liking to her. He found someone that car ...
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  • Great Gatsby And Ethan Frome - 566 words
    Great Gatsby And Ethan Frome The attempt to capture the American dream is a theme in many novels, and that is no exception when it comes to The Great Gatsby and Ethan Frome. Jay Gatsby, the central figure in The Great Gatsby, had the American dream that he could acquire happiness through wealth and power. Ethan Frome, the main character in the Edith Wharton novel Ethan Frome, is a man who wants to acquire happiness through his marriage with Zeena. Ethan Frome and Jay Gatsby both had fates that would come true later in the novel. These two novels are very similar in many ways. One similarity in the novels is that both men, Jay Gatsby and Ethan Frome, lived in a world of silence. Jay once had ...
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  • The Metamorphosis And Ethan Frome - 582 words
    The Metamorphosis And Ethan Frome The routine of life can bring some people a sense of stability and happiness. For others this routine can be the cause of immense discontent and a feeling of entrapment. The main characters of the books The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka and Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton both experience this feeling of being trapped by their everyday responsibilities and environment. Family obligation, societal expectation, and their internal and external appearances trap both Gregor Samsa and Ethan Frome. One main cause for Gregor being trapped is his obligation to his family. His financial obligation alone is enough to put a great amount of pressure on him. His job and his se ...
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