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  • Character Analysis Of Estelle In Margaret Atwoods Rape Fantasies - 1,236 words
    Character Analysis of Estelle in Margaret Atwood's "Rape Fantasies" Anyway Estelle is the only thoroughly developed character in Margaret Atwood's "Rape Fantasies." Though she is the narrator and quite thoughtful of the ideas and reactions of the story's supporting players, it is her almost obsessive preoccupation with a singular topic that actually prompts her to fully illustrate her own ideas and reactions, drawing a character far more compelling than any of the men or women she will attempt to describe. Estelle begins her story and ruminations swiftly. She considers rape, how rape has recently been treated like a new scourge, and how essays and tips on rape prevention have become somethin ...
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  • Feminism In Movies Inspired By Bonnie Clyde - 1,023 words
    ... ollard). They decide to recruit C.W. because he is a good mechanic with the car and stole money out of the cash register for their excursion. Later, the pair are joined by Clyde's older, ex-con brother Buck (played by Gene Hackman) and his stereotypical, subservient wife Blanche (played by Estelle Parsons). They join forces and become the Barrow Gang and head out through Texas. While stopped, the group decide to take pictures with Blanche's camera and Bonnie poses in arousing style with her leg resting on the stolen Ford's bumper with a cigar in her mouth and holding a gun in her hand. Awakened by her new found sense of power and sexuality, she attempts to document the endowed women she ...
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  • Gates - 1,487 words
    Gates Bill Gates co-founded Microsoft in 1975 and served as its Chief Executive Officer form the time the original partnership was incorporated in 1981 until January 2000. Then he resigned as Chief Executive Officer and took on the position of Chief Software Architect. Mr. Gates has served as Chairman of the Board since the company's incorporation. Bill Gates is recognized as the youngest self-made billionaire in history. His windows operating system, runs the vast majority of personal computers throughout the United States. It is obvious that it takes a certain type of person to successfully create and maintain such a profitable organization. However, when closely examined, Gates' leadershi ...
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  • Margaret Atwood - 1,415 words
    ... ome another one of the social problems that they face by getting a conversation going with someone who is intending on raping you. Atwood appears to be making a comment on the strength of women and how she thinks that a society could be changed just by talking. The subject matter of "Rape Fantasies" is parallel with that of her other works. The most important factor is the relationships between male and female. The female relationships in "Fantasies" are very close. Atwood makes the women seem like they have a tight enough bond to be talking about rape together, yet they do not know each other well enough that they will not talk behind the others back. The flow of conversation that Atwoo ...
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  • No Exit By Jeanpaul Sartre - 395 words
    No Exit By Jean-Paul Sartre No Exit By Jean-Paul Sartre Sartre's most popular play is undoubtedly the one-act drama No Exit, which is a discussion of such familiar negative existentialist themes as bad faith, self-destruction, and the impossibility of interpersonal relationships. It is in this play that Sartre's famous line, Hell is other people, occurs. Although many nineteenth century philosophers developed the concepts of existentialism, it was Sartre who popularized it. His one act play, Huis Clos (Closed Doors) or No Exit, first produced in Paris in May, 1944, is the clearest example and metaphor for this philosophy. There are only four characters: the Valet, Garcin, Estelle, and Inez a ...
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  • Rape Fantasies By Margaret Atwood - 446 words
    Rape Fantasies By Margaret Atwood Irony is the use of words to express something different from and opposite to their literal meaning. It is used with tone and style to create humorous situations. There are various forms of irony. Margaret Atwood uses situational irony, dramatic irony, and verbal irony in "Rape Fantasies". Situational irony refers to circumstances in which bad things happen to good people, or in which rewards are not earned because forces beyond human comprehension seem to be in total control. Margaret Atwood uses situational irony in Estelle's first rape fantasy. Rapists are violent criminals that violate women physically, mentally, and emotionally. Estelle's would-be rapis ...
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  • Setting Vs Story Dantes Inferno And Sartres No Exit - 1,395 words
    Setting vs Story - Dante's Inferno and Sartre's No Exit Setting vs Story - Dante's Inferno and Sartre's No Exit This essay is on setting differences using the works of Dante's The Inferno and Jean Paul Sartre's No Exit. Adam looks about spotting all the important people that will influence the rest of his life. He takes a deep breath and prepares to make this his last and final addition to life. Quietly he draws back from the church as if to stop time, this moment may define him as a man. He turns to look at the priest as if to reply his answer, but suddenly he realizes the hand he is holding is as cold as death. Quickly he snaps back into reality recognizing he is not asking for his bride's ...
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  • Sex And Church - 482 words
    Sex And Church A major misconception that many people have is what they think the churchs opinion is on sexual intercourse. Most people believe that the church thinks sex is a sinful act that should only be done in privacy for procreation reason and should never be discussed about in public. This belief though is incorrect because the church since the beginning of time has believed that sex is a God given gift. Recently a problem though has occurred in which people have been arrested for either promoting sexual intercourse or participating in the act. Two recent court cases that have dealt with the concept of sex being unmoral is Griswold versus Connecticut and Bowers versus Hardwick. Both o ...
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  • William Faulkner - 1,665 words
    William Faulkner William Faulkner is viewed by many as Americas greatest writer of prose fiction. He was born in New Albany, Mississippi where he lived a life filled with good times and bad times. However, despite bad times he would become known as a poet, a short story writer, and finally one of the greatest contemporary novelist of his time. William Faulkners accomplishments resulted not only from his love and devotion of writing, but also from family, friends, and certain uncontrollable events. William Faulkners life is an astonishing accomplishment; however, it is crucial to explore his life prior to his fixated writing career. In 1905, Faulkner entered the first grade at a tender age o ...
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