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  • The Eiffel Tower - 754 words
    The Eiffel Tower The Eiffel Tower The Eiffel tower is the trademark of Paris, France. With the tower being 984ft, its kind of hard not to notice it. The tower has a restaurant, radio and television transmitter and more. Gustave A. Eiffel created the tower to enter it in the worlds fair. It was made with wrought iron and had medium wind resistance. Gustave started in 1889 and completed in 1910. Gustave A. Eiffel created the Eiffel Tower. Eiffel oversaw the construction with such success that in 1866 he founded his own company and soon became known for his wrought iron structures. Starting in 1872 he attracted foreign contracts, and in 1877 he created over the Douro River in Porto, Portugal, a ...
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  • 19th Century Architecture - 599 words
    19Th Century Architecture 19th Century Architecture 19th Century architecture is a wide subject only because there were so many beautiful and magnificent buildings built. The Houses of Parliament were built between 1840 to 1865. It was built by Sir Charles Barry in a Gothic Revival style. The buildings cover an area of more than 8 acres and contain 1100 apartments, 100 staircases, and 11 courts. The exterior, in it's Revived Gothic style, s impressive with its three large towers: Victoria Tower spanning 336ft in the air, Middle tower 300ft, and Saint Stephen's better known as the Clock Tower spans 320ft to the sky. The latter contains a clock with four dials, each 23ft long, and a great bell ...
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  • Introduction - 1,998 words
    ... ors eliminate much of the motivation for programming that way. They are also useful for building control structures at run-time, for example, registering call-backs with a windowing system. Like other Sather methods, method closures follow static typing and behave with contravariant conformance. 1.5.7 Immutable and Reference Objects Sather distinguishes between reference objects and immutable objects. Imutable objects never change once they are created. When one wishes to modify an immutable object, one is compelled to create a whole new object that reflects the modification. Experienced C programmers immediately understand the difference when told about the internal representation the I ...
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  • Invention Of The Elevator - 902 words
    Invention of the Elevator Back in the days of the 1850's through 1900's the invention of the elevator was a big step for civilization. The people went from old fashion stairs to for them a minute ride of luxury and realization (opposed to climbing stairs). An American inventor named Elisha Graves Otis was the first person to invent the mechanical elevator with adequate safety devices, such as safety brakes which gripped on to the elevator cab's rails. Safey cables which looped around a drum that was attached to the driving motor. These cables were made out of heavy steel instead of rope that would wear and tear within a couple of weeks or maybe possibly a month. While on the other hand steel ...
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  • Modernism - 2,351 words
    ... A scandalized contemporary critic declared Matisse and his fellow artistsAndr Derain, Maurice de Vlaminck, and Georges Braque (of France), and Kees van Dongen (of the Netherlands)to be fauves (French for wild beasts). This derogatory term became the name of their movement. Fauvism lasted only from about 1898 to 1908, but it had an enduring impact on 20th-century art. [ ] B. Cubism [ ] Print section [ ] Pablo Picasso, a friend and rival of Matisse, also invented a new style of painting, focusing mainly on line rather than color. Picasso's art changed radically around 1907, when he decided to incorporate some stylistic elements of African sculpture into his paintings. Unlike Matisse's plea ...
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  • Skyscrapers - 1,414 words
    Skyscrapers skyscraper architecture The architectural design of the 20th century skyscrapers has been redefined due to the advancement of our modern technology. Benny Louie Humanity 450 Dr. Maureen Schmid 17 May 1999 The architectural design of the 20th century skyscrapers has been redefined due to the advancement of our modern technology. In our modern society, the architectural design of skyscrapers is changing the downtown landscape of metropolitan areas. Due to the change of technologies, it has changed the architectural design of skyscraper dramatically in terms of the its function, design structures, heating and cooling systems and it social status in socie ...
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  • The History Of Paris - 644 words
    The History Of Paris THE HISTORY OF PARIS Paris occupe un endroit trs spcial dans le acquis culturel du monde: tous les hommes et femmes, partout o ils viennent de, dcouvrent un petit morceau de leur imagination ici, quelque chose comme une rsidence secondaire. T voici Paris de l'histoire: le site a t habit depuis des temps de Paleolithic. La ville a cr d'une le sur la seine arrange par une tribu gallique, le Parisii (2me sicle B.C.), par consquent son nom. The city of Paris, in France, probably has the greatest single history of any city in the world today. Culturaly as well as historically, Paris has always been a beautiful city with many different monuments with many different origins. Ic ...
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  • The History Of Radio - 1,495 words
    The History of Radio In 1844, Samuel Morse successfully demonstrated an invention known as the telegraph. The telegraph, which Morse invented in 1832, consisted of a current charged wire, location points (A and B), and a current breaker, which could be used to send dashes and dots. These dashes and dots could be successfully understood at the other end of the cable, thus introducing the world to Morse code. Thirty-two years later, a man by the name of Alexander Graham Bell introduced a device that would come to be known as the telephone. With Grahams device, people could actually talk to each other by using a series of connecting lines placed between the sender and receiver. At the time, the ...
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  • The Jungle Man - 2,680 words
    The Jungle Man It was four o'clock when the ceremony was over and the carriages began to arrive. There had been a crowd following all the way, owing to the exuberance of Marija Berczynskas. The occasion rested heavily upon Marija's broad shoulders it was her task to see that all things went in due form, and after the best home traditions; and, flying wildly hither and thither, bowling every one out of the way, and scolding and exhorting all day with her tremendous voice, Marija was too eager to see that others conformed to the proprieties to consider them herself. She had left the church last of all, and, desiring to arrive first at the hall, had issued orders to the coachman to drive faste ...
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  • The World We Dont Live In - 1,582 words
    The World We Don't Live In Steve Lippo Final TV Essay 10/26/00 The World We Dont Live In Television is not real life. Its not even close. From Friends to Frasier, peoples lives do not resemble TV show plots by any means. Televisions number one goal is to portray what viewers would want their lives to be like. Dawsons Creek is no different. The world does not revolve around a small group of high school students, yet in this show it seems to. Dawson's Creek chronicles the wry humor the undeniably intense period of awakening known as teenage years. Set in the Boston suburb of Capeside, this series explores the blooming self-awareness and growing pains that go hand-in-hand with the triumphs of g ...
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