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  • Cholera - 595 words
    Cholera Cholera is an infectious intestinal disease common in Southern Asia. Cholera is caused by a comma-shaped bacterium called Vibrio Choleras. The microorganism is transmitted by water or food that has been contaminated with the feces of people who have the disease. Cholera occurs when Vibrio Cholera enters the intestines and releases Cholera toxin. The toxin causes the intestine to secrete large amounts of water and salt. Because the intestine cannot absorb the water and salt at the rate they are secreted, the patient suffers severe diarrhea. This loss of fluid causes severe dehydration and changes in the body chemistry. If untreated, the illness can lead to shock and eventually death. ...
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  • Kkk - 1,504 words
    Kkk The big responsibility of cleansing the United States of people that are different, different being anyone who is not a white Aryan Christian, has been placed upon the Ku Klux Klan. The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) takes it upon themselves to take part in ethnic cleansing. The KKK will not speak out and come to agreements on peaceful terms. Instead, they feel they must wreak havoc, and carnage to those who they feel need it. The Ku Klux Klan began almost accidentally during the reconstruction period after the Civil War in the South. The southern people had suffered greatly from the effects of the war. Many of which had lost their homes, plantations, loved ones, and whatever possessions they might ...
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  • Observing Persuasion In The New Age - 2,267 words
    ... s. Many of them offer therapy and counseling to people in need - and then interest the clients in the philosophies associated with their practices" (28). In fact, for the duration of his experience, the demands on his acts of submission increased as his willingness to submit was demonstrated continually. He ended up leaving his job, traveling half-way around the world, ending a relationship that was going well, and financially supporting the little group with which he was affiliated by depleting his bank account, borrowing on his two credit cards until they were over the limit, and even extending the limit to borrow more (Baron, 1990). Indeed, once he had "cast his lot" with the little g ...
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  • Teacher As Leader - 1,098 words
    ... rcumstances. This can be effective with very mature students in whom a teacher wants to create independence and expand their thinking. This simply stated is the teacher giving a problem, minimal instructions, and expecting the student to find the solution. In some aspects this can be effective only if the students have a basic understanding and the fore knowledge of how to solve the problem. With too little amount of instruction this will be a disaster! The participating style centers on both the students and the teacher. The teacher gives the students a problem, gives instruction and possible solutions, and asks the students for input. The teacher, although dependent on recommendations ...
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