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  • Digital Divide - 680 words
    Digital Divide The "Digital Define" is the distance between the people who have adequate access to technology and those who do not. As teachers, we have numerous avenues through which we can assist in narrowing the gap of the Digital Divide. Some suggestions are the following: 1. Gather teaching materials through sources such as: 1-800-257-5126 2. Donate a computer, obtain a donated computer, or upgrade an obsolete one. Many organizations have been developed to assist in this task; a few are as follows: Share the Technology - www.sharetechn ...
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  • Short Term Memory - 1,384 words
    Short Term Memory Memory plays a crucial role in our lives. As you know, there are many deadlines, dates, and names to remember. How do we remember them all? Where does the information go? Memory also plays a very important part in learning. Intelligence is fundamentally based on memory. Learning means a change that causes a system to act differently on the basis of what is contained within it. Our memories are constantly changing. To understand how we learn, it is necessary to learn how we store information. How the memory works is not exactly understood. Before I discuss the different theorists and their ideas on how our memory system works, I will explain the basic areas of our memory. Me ...
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  • The History Of Computers In Education - 832 words
    The History of Computers in Education The first use of computers by high school students began in the mid-1970's. But during this period, students and teachers did not have direct access to them. Only mathematics courses used them, and it was primarily used to learn how to write computer-programming code like Fortran. These students would write out their program and then have it sent to one of a few computers available for education. The students would then have to wait several days, possibly weeks for a response. Most times, this response was bad news rather then good. The student would find that he left out a semi-colon or other 'small' error. This slow response time did not allow for very ...
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  • Web Class Room - 1,685 words
    Web Class Room How to Go From Class-Room to Web-Room as Painlessly as Possible 1.0 ABSTRACT Getting your course onto the World Wide Web (WWW) is best done using a systematic approach. There are a number of steps that need to be taken prior to starting any of the actual web work. Meetings should be held with various groups within your institution. Once the actual coursework is begun, there are some essential components and some optional components. There are specific skills and talents that you either need to acquire or you need to access. Each web-based course is unique, but they often have many components in common. Some are essential, others may be optional. Resources can be found on your ...
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  • Web Class Room - 1,682 words
    ... .1 More HTML The more familiar you become with HTML, the more you will be able to enhance your course's web site. This can be a good thing, and it can also be not so good. Adding components and extra "bells and whistles" to your web site should be done as a conscious choice to support your educational objectives and not just because the "bells and whistles" are there. CGI Stands for Common Gateway Interface and is the coding that allows the information collected from forms on webs sites to be manipulated. This can be as simple as allowing students to send specific assignments to you, or can be as elaborate as on-line registration. 7.2 Components of the Web Course Every Web-deli ...
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