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  • Dubliners - 1,325 words
    Dubliners Dubliners Dubliners is considered a champion among books written in the English language. James Joyces characterization of not only the people in the stories, but of Dublin itself, demonstrates his great ability as an author. Dubliners is not a book with a normal story line, a plot, and a definite climax and resolution. Instead, it is more of a setting, an atmosphere, an epiphany as Joyce called it. To understand the book, it is recommendable to focus on Irish history, and more specifically, Charles Stewart Parnell. He is a figure alluded to in this and other books by Joyce. He has been referred to as the uncrowned king of Ireland. The series of short stories included in Dubliners ...
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  • Dubliners - 1,192 words
    Dubliners Literature is constantly showing its readers aspects of people and societies that would not normally be shown to the public. The various aspects of society that writers choose to focus on are done for a reason. Whether or not it is a positive or negative aspect of society doesn't hold any significance. The only thing that matters in society is why writers choose to focus on the subjects that they do. Most writers are trying to push their readers further by challenging them with an aspect that the reader may overlook in everyday situations. In his Dubliners, James Joyce uses the function of religion in society to show how corruption has overtaken the Irish. Joyce portrays the immora ...
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  • Dubliners By James Joyce - 1,073 words
    Dubliners By James Joyce Joyce said that in "Dubliners" his intention was "to write a chapter in the moral history of my country and I chose Dublin for the scene because the city seemed to me the centre of paralysis".The 15 stories which make up the collection are studies on the decay and banality of lower middle-class urban life and the paralysis to which Joyce refers is both intellectual and moral.The characters who appear in the stories lead uneventual and frustrated lives,which are described through carefully chosen detaila.The fact that there is very little action points again to the paralysis and monotony of life in a modern city.The stories are divided into 4 groups.As Joyce explained ...
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  • Dubliners By James Joyce - 1,080 words
    ... ire of it has a much more complicated meaning.Eastward movement theme finds its roots in the catholicism; the ancient custom of building churches with their heads to the east so that the celebrant of the mass faced east: in doing so the priest looked toward Eden,the earthly paradise; the cathecumens 4th century turned to the west to renounce Satan and to the east to recite the creed before they stepped into the baptismal font; Chist returning for the Last Judgment was expected to come from east; East: universally accepted emblem of beginning and place of birth. So, that "unity of Dubliners" which critics talk about , is realized in terms of religious images and ideas(most of them distinc ...
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  • Dubliners By James Joyce - 1,479 words
    Dubliners By James Joyce James Joyce's Dubliners was written in 1914 right at the onset of World War I breaking out in Europe. It is a journey through the stages of life itself: childhood, adolescence, adulthood, public life and finally death. Each one of the stories in the novel fall into one of these stages. "After the Race" falls into the adolescence aspect of the book. It does this because the characters have not yet grown up. Although they are adults they are still immature. Jimmy is easily fooled into gambling away all of his money. He never regretted it. He was actually happy that Routh won the game and took everyone's money. Because of actions like this they are very carefree about h ...
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  • Dubliners By James Joyce - 1,453 words
    ... only wish was to have fun and celebrate."18 This just about shows how they started off the party. Joyce then writes, "They drank, however: it was Bohemian. They drank Ireland, England, France, Hungary, the United States of America. Jimmy mad a speech, a long speech, Villona saying Hear! hear! whenever there was a pause. There was a great clapping of hands when he sat down. It must have been a good speech."19 In this sequence of passages it seems as if the characters move from childhood to adulthood in an instance. They are starting to get drunk. One reason being they drank to six different countries. The other that they were already drinking on top of that. The freedom that this proposes ...
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  • Cheever And Joyce - 1,177 words
    Cheever And Joyce Joyce and John Cheever were two influential writers of the late 1800's and early 1900's. James Joyce was an Irish author that wrote various short stories, novels, and poems. In Dubliners, he is noted for his epiphanies and objective correlatives. John Cheever, is an American short-story writer and novelist whose work is known for his portrayals of the average middle-class American. His works include ironic comedies and the displaying of his imagination. Both writers are duly noted for their short stories. Their unique styles of writings are respectably different to a point. They are similar in the way they display their descriptions, and differ in the way they present the o ...
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  • Counterparts James Joyce - 884 words
    Counterparts/ James Joyce Strive To Do Nothing James Joyce has a very intricate way of writing his short stories. Dubliners is a book of short stories revolving around several totally different people from the city of Dublin, Ireland. Joyce puts these characters through a number of situations in order to show the moral characteristics of Dubliners. These situations inhibit many forms of human disturbances including: sexual frustration, escapism, self-identification, human unfullfillment, the struggle between the classes, and toiling with the characters sense of belonging. In the story Counterparts, Joyce uses a combination a psychologically challenging lifestyle and everyday sexual frustrati ...
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  • I Have Within My Ideology The Belief That Any Man Who Stands For Nothing, Not Only Could, But Would Fall For Anything I Belie - 1,324 words
    I have within my ideology the belief that any man who stands for nothing, not only could, but would fall for anything. I believe through my transaction with A Little Cloud from Dublin, Joyces repertoire and mine greatly agree through the various elements he uses to display the general paralysis of Dublin, such as character development, setting, plot, point of view, and especially epiphany as I experienced it first hand. Joyce, a seemingly masterful wordsmith, has developed this story A Little Cloud through great detail in a way that I can truly relate to everything I see and read; he continues in this story as in the others to reiterate and enforce this strong sense of paralysis this city be ...
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  • John Updikes A P And James Joyces Araby - 1,326 words
    JOHN UPDIKE'S A & P AND JAMES JOYCE'S ARABY John Updike's A & P and James Joyce's Araby share many of the same literary traits. The primary focus of the two stories revolves around a young man who is compelled to decipher the different between cruel reality and the fantasies of romance that play in his head. That the man does, indeed, discover the difference is what sets him off into emotional collapse. One of the main similarities between the two stories is the fact that the main character, who is also the protagonist, has built up incredible,yet unrealistic, expectations of women, having focused upon one in particular towards which he places all his unrequited affection. The expectation th ...
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  • Religion As A Captor - 1,514 words
    Religion As A Captor A collection of short stories published in 1907, Dubliners, by James Joyce, revolves around the everyday lives of ordinary citizens in Dublin, Ireland (Freidrich 166). According to Joyce himself, his intention was to "write a chapter of the moral history of [his] country and [he] chose Dublin for the scene because the city seemed to [b]e the centre of paralysis" (Friedrich 166). True to his goal, each of the fifteen stories are tales of disappointment, darkness, captivity, frustration, and flaw. The book is divided into four sections: childhood, adolescence, maturity, and public life (Levin 159). The structure of the book shows that gradually, citizens become trapped in ...
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  • The Cybernetic Plot Of Ulysses - 1,469 words
    ... 's heart good. Signals full of meaning, ones like Milly's that land where they're sent, and are properly understood, can do a world of good. "Metempsychosis" is the word in this episode that prevents Molly from understanding a sentence in the trashy novel she's reading. The transmission of spirit across time and space is itself an idea that Poldy must translate into plain words in order for its meaning to reach Molly. But he does so, and she does understand. Meanings need new clothes to cross some borders, but quick wits know how to smuggle those meanings across. The fate of the magazine story ("Matcham's Masterstroke") that Bloom reads in the outhouse shows that some signals belong in t ...
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  • The Dead - 885 words
    The Dead 8. Where does epiphany occur in The Dead? Who has the epiphany? What is the emotional state it creates? How does it compare to other epiphanies in Dubliners? Is there an Irony in the story as well? Epiphany of the Soul In The Dead, Gabriel has the epiphany. The epiphany occurs when Gretta was telling Gabriel the story of a young boy she used to know. Jealousy, Anger, and yet compassion are the emotional state it creates. The epiphany of The Dead is basically about death of the soul and person. This epiphany is different to other epiphanies in Dubliners because instead of feeling good towards one-self, Gabriel feels sorry towards himself. In this epiphany, the story starts off with i ...
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  • Two Gallants Are Callous Men - 641 words
    Two Gallants Are Callous Men 'Two Gallants are Callous Men' Try not to let the title fool you. Two Gallants, written by James Joyce, is a short story centered around two callous men. One, Corley, is an older man of some rudeness and has a taste for womanizing. The other is a self-conscience, older man of some weight, named Lenehan. The story begins with a light approach, description of the evening weather and the illumined pearl lamps of the street. All of Joyces stories found in the work, The Dubliners, have a poetic quality that makes the simplest of remarks, beautiful. This story in particular has the evident use of eloquent and flowing language but, in keeping with Joyces style, is used ...
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