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.. es. If gay couples were allowed to marry, it would set a bad example for children, and could spell the downfall of one of the cornerstones of our society. After all, whats next? Legalizing polygamy? Marriage between brothers? (Hetter 28-31) Hetter displays one belief of a large group of individuals who confuse what is right, and fair for society as a whole, with what is based on her one-sided religious beliefs. It is very difficult for some people to accept a change in things that differ from their everyday life and the way they were brought up.

If those individuals could look at same-sex marriage open-mindedly they could see that they have been withholding, a precious right that could socially benefit a large group of society. In the same manner, Professor Barbara J. Cox, of California Western School of Law, reveals; When her and her partner decided to have a commitment ceremony, they did so to express the love and caring that they felt for one another. To celebrate that love with their friends and family, and to express that love openly and with pride. It angers me when others, who did not participate or do not know either of us, condemn us as a part of a mindless flock accepting a dehumanizing ceremony. she proclaims.

Professor Cox, along with many others, has made a commitment ceremony to her partner. Sadly, this is a counterfeit form of marriage that she has had to accept, without the social support of her community. A counterfeit marriage is a ceremony that will not be acknowledged by anyone. There is no marriage license, no acceptance or acknowledgment from outside parties. Ramirez 5 A great deal of society believes that it is offensive to even see homosexuals together.

There is no question that homosexuals have historically been the objects of vicious and sustained hostility. There have been several cases in which people have gone as far as gay bashing, or acting violently against gay couples, because they were seen holding hands in public. Still homosexual couples have continued with their beliefs, only to be forced to concentrate into areas such as San Francisco, Ft. Lauderdale, and Montrose in Houston, trying to find peace and acceptance in society. It is evident, by the powerful and responsible positions of many gay men and women, that their sexual orientation clearly has no relation to a persons ability to perform in society. The fact is that the case against same-sex marriage is that people are simply unaccustomed to it.

Bigotry and hatred still exist in our society, and traditionally people fear what is strange and unfamiliar to them, therefore robbing homosexuals of their place in America of having the choice to marry their loved ones. While homosexual couples are struggling to find acceptance in society, homosexuals have suffered economically because they have been denied the same compensation that people in heterosexual marriages have taken for granted. A Hawaii commission created to examine marriage discrimination concluded that banning gay marriage cut same-sex couples off from a host of tangible advantages, including health and retirement benefits; life insurance; income tax, estate tax and wrongful-death benefits, and spousal and dependent support (Pros and Cons of Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage). However, one argument came about that those financial benefits are for married couples to help raise children financially. But, what about all of the families that do not or can not have children, these families still receive all of those benefits.

The only fair solution to that argument is to take away those benefits to those families without children. Ramirez 6 Likewise, one columnist from the New York Times wrote that the importance [of same-sex marriage] for homosexual couples goes far beyond an emotional desire to have their unions recognized. Currently couples..face financial and legal problems if one partner becomes ill or dies, including the inability to make medical decisions for a partner (Roane 7). These decisions can benefit, or harm the life of the loved one, which can effect the life of their partner financially. Likewise, Chris Ryan, president of the Utah Log Cabin Club, a group of gay republicans, said, All we want are the legal rights that go along with marriage. He also mentioned visiting a partner in the hospital, inheriting property, providing insurance coverage, filing a joint tax return, and distributing assets in a divorce (Dunlap 18).

Ryan wants all of the things that should be entitled to him. It is unfair that only heterosexuals can benefit from this economic government support. Just because the majority of society has not felt the effects of the beneficial neglect that homosexuals have struggled with for so long, does not justify our government in not taking action in correcting this problem. Marriage is much more than the fundamental institution that completes the journey of life for many individuals. Marriage has legal and financial benefits that ones significant other should be entitled to. Some may not be lucky enough to find someone to have and to hold, in sickness and in health.

Although, those few who are fortunate enough to find their soul mate should not be denied their basic human right of matrimony with the one person they love. Like abortion, same-sex marriage has emotional issues which will probably take generations, if at all, to come to an overall agreement. But, this is one issue that cannot be put on the back burner for long. There is no logical reason that society should reject the act of same-sex marriages because it is the right of gay and lesbian couples legally, socially, and economically. Bibliography Ramirez 7 Bibliography Cox, Barbara A Personal Essay on Same-Sex Marriage.

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