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During the Paleolithic and Neolithic Age many changes occurred. These changes impacted society in many ways. The Paleolithic Age was in 2,000,000 B.C and in 10,000 B.C the Neolithic Age (New Stone Age) began. The Paleolithic man was heavy set, big boned, and short. The Neolithic man on the other hand was more developed.

They were Homo sapiens, which had bigger brains, were taller, and look like man today. The Paleolithic man didnt live in a permanent village like the Neolithic man. The Paleolithic man was moving around from home to home because of lack of food, shelter, or other reasons. They also always settled near water. The Neolithic man was able to live in one place and stay there because they were able to grow their own food and domesticate animals.

Because of the permanent villages, the population of the villages grew. People also had jobs to do, like farming for the men. Since jobs came into affect, the status of women dropped. They were always at home. They had to breed for the village.

Since the Neolithic man had permanent villages, they formed some type of government. These villages then had rules they need to follow like we need to do today. Also, the Neolithic man began writing, which lead to written records. These written records help use know what life was like back in the New Stone Age. They also created a calendar.

The Paleolithic man many not have started writing but the did have a spoken language and painted some very intricate cave paintings. Some paintings showed a mummy and then pictures of his after life. These paintings lets use know that the Paleolithic man did believe in some sort of after life. The Paleolithic man used simple tools and weapons made from stone. Since the Neolithic man was more advanced, they made things from copper.

Lots of there things were made from copper like we use steel in almost everything today. The Neolithic man also came upon fire. With these two foundings they were able to do lots of things for their community and their selves. The changes between the Paleolithic Age and Neolithic Age were some big advancements. Their lives were almost totally different for each other, from the way they lived, got food, and the way they looked. Since the creation of world, the man had been changing.

Who knows what man will be like in the year 3,000 A.D, only time will tell?.

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