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To investigate the abiotic factors which affect the biodiversity of invertebrate organisms in a series of 6 ponds over a period of 2 months. By Contents Page Abstract Contents page Introduction Hypothesis Method Results Conclusions Limitations Reliability Sources of error Modifications Appendix Bibliography Footnotes Acknowledgements Abstract For this investigation I visited 6 ponds and a spring, at each location I recorded the following data: Temperature Turbidity Colour and appearance of water pH of water Nitrate level of water Ammonia levels of water Oxygen levels of water Number and species of life present in the pond I will use shop brought chemical tests for many of the chemical analysis tests, these are usually simple chemicals which are added to a 10ml sample of the water. The temperature will be measured with a thermometer. I will use a animal identification sheet for the life, I will also use books for reference about the biology of the organism. I am going to record the abotic factors that I think influence the diversity of life in the ponds; I will compare the data of each pond to see if any correlations appear in the results.

The results will be tabulated, and where appropriate the results will be displayed in a graphical and statistical manner. Ideas and conclusions will be drawn from these results. Introduction All Ponds have still shallow water. Shallow water means that light can penetrate to the bottom, allowing for many water weeds to grow. The weeds can provide nourishment and shelter for many organisms.

As the water is still, the oxygen in the air may no.

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