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Birth Control There are numerous reasons that can explain why some people are against birth control. Some think that society will degrade because people will now have sexual intercourse more often without having to worry about pregnancy. There are also minor to major side effects with some birth control devices, for instance an intrauterine device (I.U.D.) might puncture the wall of a uterus. Birth control can also never be a sure thing and there is still always a chance with pregnancy. Also, some parents who dont want their children involved in sexual intercourse until an age which they think is appropriate will be very disappointed if their children disobey them and that might happen more often since teens will now think sex will be safe and full-proof from any problems. I, for one, am for birth control because it can help ease a lot of problems.

Teen pregnancy will be reduced and overpopulation will be less of a problem. Unexpected pregnancies will no longer have tragic endings like abortions and adoptions. Also, sexually transmitted diseases like Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (A.I.D.S.) can be prevented with some of the birth control devices like condoms. Even though there are side effects with some birth control devices, there are a variety of other devices that, if taken according to the instructions, are very safe. Not only that but some birth control devices, like birth control pills, that even though they may not be a perfect guarantee on birth control, they are still nearly one hundred percent affective. For those people who think birth control is wrong, they do have a couple of very strong points, but in the end I believe that the reasons for birth control overcome the reasons against it.

Sexual lust in humans will always be here and with birth control some of the problems that associate with it can be solved. The important thing here is always to be careful with the approach of sexual intercourse, with, or without birth control.

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