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.. ctions and consequences. In Northrop a point of fact is made; Caesar influences the whole play, for he appears after his death as a blood stained corpse and as a ghost before battle (Northrop 28). Both Brutes and Cassias dying are conscious of Caesar; both men even speak to Caesar as if he were present. In other ways Julius Caesar is shaped differently from the histories and tragedies that precede, as if in manner as in subject matter Shakespeare was making decisive changes (Northrop 33). The scene moves only from Rome to the battlefield, and with this new setting, language becomes more restrained, firmer and sharper.

Extensive descriptive images are few, and single words such as Roman, humor, love, friend, and proper names arerepeated as if to enforce contrasts and ironies (Northrop 33). This sharp verbal edge linked with commanding performances holds attention. For example, exciting debates, conspiracies and crises, which include mob violence and as well as personal antagonisms lead to battle and many times death holds the readers attention (Northrop 34). In contrast to Shakespeares tragedies are his comedic writings. Comedies written between 1596 and 1602 have much in common.

With the exception of The Merry Wives of Windsor all comedies are set in some imaginary country. A lioness, snakes, magic caskets, fairy spells, identical twins, concealment of sex, and the sudden conversion of a tyrannous duke or the defeat (off stage) of a treacherous brother can all change the course of the plot and bring the characters to a conclusion in which almost all are very happy and justice is found. Goddard states, Lovers are young and witty and almost always rich (Northrop 105). The action concerns wooing and its conclusion is marriage, beyond which the audience is scarcely concerned. In some ways these are intellectual plays with each comedy having a multiple plot and moves from one set of characters to another set. Shakespeare invites his audience to seekconnections and explanations.

Despite very different classes of people in different parts of the narrative, the plays are unified by Shakespears idealistic vision and by his implicit judgment of human relationships. Shakespeares characters are brought together with certain exceptions near the end of his writings. Perhaps the most extraordinary achievement of these comedies is the rapid changes in moods of his characters, from funny, then to dangerous, then sad and then a return to humor. Recurrent moments of lifelike feelings are expressed both eloquently in words and in actions that the audience shares. The idea that Shakespeares plays and poems were not actually written by William Shakespeare of Stratford has been the subject of many books and scholars, and this theory is widely regarded as at least an interesting possibility. Davidow said, The source of all doubts about the authorship of the plays rests in the disparity between the greatest Shakespeares literary achievement and his comparatively humble origin, the supposed inadequacy of his education, and the obscurity of his life (Davidow 57).

In Shakespeares writings, readers have claimed to discover a familiarity with language and literature, with such subjects as law, history,politics, and geography, include the manners and speech of courts. Opponents to the one-man theory of Shakespeares writings is regarded as inconceivable in a common player, the son of a provincial tradesman. The range of knowledge expected at that time period should have been created by a man with an extensive education, one familiar with royalty and nobles, as largely figure in Shakespeares works. Contemporary records have been regarded as incompatible with Shakespeares prominence and suggestive of a mystery (Zender 72), in that none of Shakespeares manuscripts has been evidential; they were destroyed to conceal the identity of the author. The first suggestion, that the author of Shakespeares plays might be Francis Bacon, Viscount of St. Albans, seems to have been made in the middle of the 19th Century, inquiry at first centering on textual comparison between Bacons known writings and plays.

Zender states, In the later 19th Century a search was made for ciphered messages embedded into the dramatic texts (Zender 74). Professional cryptographers of the 20th Century, however, have examined all the Baconian ciphers, have rejected them as invalid, and interest in the Shakespeare--Bacon controversy has diminished (Zender 76).Shakespeares popularity can be vividly noticed by his marked career as one of The Kings Men, and his gigantic success with dramas, comedies, and poetry. Let us not forget Shakespeares accomplished relationships as a husband, father, and friend. Shakespeares writings were meant for all to enjoy. However, if one lived during Shakespeares time and in that social structure, one might ask oneself about socially superior, inferior, or equal, since every aspect of ones behavior would be dependent upon social status.Nevertheless, there are all kinds of nuances in Shakespeares plays, tuning in on social distinctions that would take special effort to notice (Zender 23).

A safe assumption is that William Shakespeare was the most fascinating of Elizabethan authors whose works have graced and mesmerized stage and cinema throughout the centuries. Like most of Shakespeares contemporaries, he borrowed much from novels, older plays, history, mythology, and sources familiar surrounding this worldly writer. Shakespeares plays have been divided into three groups. His comedies represent a wide range of types, and time periods vary throughout individual plays. It was in tragedy that Shakespeare displayed his greatest genius, ROMEO and JULIET, HAMLET, MACBETH, OTHELLLO, and KINGLEAR must be ranked among the greatest tragedies ever written. For Shakespeares works have been read and played out for Kings and commoners alike. Yes, William Shakespeare was one of the most fascinating writers ever to be read throughout time (Davidow 26).WORKS CITEDDavidow, S Leonard.

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