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Vampires VAMPIRES Vampires have fell under a certain stereotype ever since the early nineteenth Century, and even up until today. Movies, novels and people in general have depicted vampires as bloodsucking demons who turn into bats, and I am sure everyone is familiar with any vampires need to seduce women almost daily. Vampires are said to be " an alien nocturnal species," as Nina Auerbach's book-"Our vampires, ourselves" states; but all vampires are not the coffin lying, shadow loitering monsters that the media perceives them to be. First of all, vampires are neither inhuman nor nonhuman, " they are simply more alive than they should be." What does this statement infer? Does this perception imply that vampires are actually ghosts? No, vampires have simply adapted or evolved through time, yet the bulk of American citizens still see vampires as they were back in the 1800's due to the fictional mutation of our media. One of the only correct stereotypical inferences towards vampires is that they have had a strong history of having mortals as companions, and not just females, even though females play a big part in describing vampires.

Vampires have had a history of constantly longing for women to fulfill their fantasies, and this particular distinction is one of the ones that is true, along with the ever famous "I vant to suck your blood," an issue I will deal with quit extensively in my next draft. Since I have obtained only half of the research information I plan on using, I do not feel Comfortable handing in this draft as is, but you requested us to hand in whatever we had done at this point, (before thanksgiving break.) I am almost positive that you will only make a note that I have something started on vampires as of now, but let me assure you Dr. Bennett that I plan on going into great detail as for the stereotypes vampires have Attached to them in my future drafts as well as my final draft. Mythology Essays.

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