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Values The Vales that you develop as you go threw life determine what kind of a person you become. Most of my values I learned were from my family, my friends, and the people that I admire. There are certain things that I value in my life; one of those is the friends that I made when I lived in Heidelberg, Germany for two years. Another thing that I value is having a chance to live in Europe for two years. Finally the last value that I would like to talk about is my relationship with my parents. The Guys that I made friends with in Heidelberg are probably gone to be my best friends for the rest of my life.

The reason why I value these friends so much is because I really do not think that I could find another group of guys like them. When I first moved to Germany at the beginning of my junior year I met these guys and we went on a trip to the Octoberfest in Munich. We had a great time and ever since that trip we have all been the best of friends and nothing really has come between us. I think one of the reasons we are such good friends is that do not let girls come between us. I have seen so many friendships ruined because some guy has a girlfriend that he spends all his time with, and he kind of forgets about spending time with his boys.

So my buddies and I have this kind of value, I guess you call it, bros before whoes, which means no matter how fine or how special the girl is she will never come first. There was no particular event that made us become closer friends I think that we are just have a lot of the same interest and that is what makes us such close friends. We have a great time when we are together it does not matter where we are as long as we are with each other we will have a great time Being able to live in Europe for two years was a great experience for me. When my parents first told me that we were going to be moving to Germany I was a little upset. But I am glad we did because I was able to experience so many things that kids in the States would never get to experience.

For instance, I was able to drink some really good beer. I traveled to a lot of places and events that kids in the States were not able to go to. I went to the Octoberfest, Love Parade, spring break in Ibiza, Spain, and a whole lot of other stuff. If I never lived in Germany I would have never been able to experience all the things that I did. Living in Germany was a valuable experience for me because I think it gave me a different perspective of the world.

My good relationship with my parents is something that I value because some kids do not have the pleasure of having a good relationship with their parents. I can pretty much tell my parents anything and they will be cool with it. For example my parents know that I drink. They understand that I am going to drink and as long as I am safe and responsible about it my parents do not have a problem with me drinking. A lot of times my dad will come out with my buddies and I when we go drinking. I don't have to go around lying and hide to my parents that I drink like a lot of other kids do.

My parents and I rarely ever get into fights. So a good relationship with my parents is something that I value a lot. Values are something that everybody has. They are basically what shape a person into who they are. Without the values that I learned from my parents, my friends, and people that I look up to I would not be the person that I am today.

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