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Research paper example essay prompt: Title A Day Without Electricity - 226 words

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Title; A day without Electricity If their were no electricity their would be o way to create batteries or any machinier to use everything would be man made. When waking up in the morning their would be no alarm or heat or even ari conditioning to keep you cool or warm during the night. Getting to school would be another thing cars would not be drivable due to gas being pupmed by electricity.So you would probably have to ride a home made bike or use a horse but then your school would not have a way to run its self either.So their would not be a way to send a massage or recieve one. NO automatic pencil sharpener either nothing. The school would have to have many windows just to keep the room lit or, a latern.

Their would be no intercoms no internet youe would have to use a printing press to copy anything. All meat would spoil due to lack of cooling same tih milk meat would have to be eatin right away or turned into beef jerky. No entertainment possible just play football or other out door sports witch to me i would be to tired after getting to school.No movies video games,T.V nothing. And that would be a day in the life with out electricity. the end.

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