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Research paper example essay prompt: Archudukes Wars In Europe Got A - 246 words

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Archudukes .. Wars In Europe Got A + -Archduke Francis Ferdinardo of Austia Hungarywas killed in Sarajero,bosnia -The blackhand-wanted bosnia to be part of Serbia-not Austria Hungary. Serbia -Austria-Hungary lovedan Wtimatum to serbia. Russia appoted Serbia. -France & Germany. Russia wouldn't stop mobilingstroops & France supported Russia.

-West- would go through Belgium an d attacked Pariz from behind. 7/8 1/8 will fight Russia if Russia attacked at the border. When France is beaten, the Germans will attack Russia. -Attack to the limits at the German border into Alsace-Loraine. France crit boe because red pants give cran & dan. It was crushed at the border. -French won.

France attacked the German outside Pariz. -Both sides tried to get around eachother digging trouches as they went. -Battle of Famneburey. -Battle of Verdum. To bleed white France.

- Battle of the Somme. To relieve German preasure on the French. -Surface ships gave warning. -Submarinesu-boats gave no warning. -Lu*censored*ata. Penanded Germany to end submarine walfare.

-Battle of Jutland Brittish won. -Germany resumed submarinewalfare, over US had said not to. -March revolution 1917, Nicholas -November revolution. Vladinia Lenin. Peace right now get Russia out of the war.

-Civil war broke out, got shot by the Bulshovics. -German army from Russsia is used to defeat the Allies in the west brfore the US can make a diference. -Woochon Wilson. -Germany Austrihungary Bulganis & Turkey. -1w -It was overtrow & he was away. Rpublic.

- Base fire. Nov 11, 1918 11:00am. -Us, Great britian, Italy, France. -Treaty of Versailles 1914 European History.

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