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Safest American The Safest American made sedan by far is the 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme LS. It is so because of the driving smoothness it offers on bumpy terrain, it's size is bigger than a sports car, which enables it to sustain more damage. This car is also the safest because it is easy to reach the controls, so while you are driving you will not have to worry about leaning over to reach a button. The main good thing about this automobile is the price of it. You can now buy such a safe car for only sixteen thousand nine hundred ninety-five dollars.

The price of this vehicle is more than descent when you look at all the features that it has. It has a driver's side airbag for extra protection. It also provides you with a three point on liter v-six engine and for-wheel anti-lock brakes, or ABS as some like to call it. If you think about it, this is a pretty impressive package. This price puts this car in range with some other notably safe cars such as the Ford Taurus and the Dodge Intrepid.

It really does not matter though, since the LS is much safer. Weather can really get on your nerves, and that is why this vehicle has been added with rear-window and side-window defoggers to clear up any moisty mists that want to hang out on your glass. The car also has great traction, which was tested by the average human being, and not just Oldsmobile staff. These people say that the traction is nice and smooth, making this car perfect for rainy weather. Psychology Essays.

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