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Quality Of Our Education I feel we as a country we can't really complain about the quality of our education. We have it real good. People from many other countries often travel here to get higher education. But there are some things that could be changed. We need to use our advancements in technology to our advantage.

Also, more specialized teachers would improve the quality of learning. And in high school the thing I felt was the biggest problem was class size it was too hard to listen to a teacher and focus on the material with a class of over twenty-five. Technology is what makes the world go. We need to use this to our advantage to make our education better. There are many ways to make this possible.

We could use the Internet to broadcast interactive classes. This way you have the best possible teachers to teach everyone all over the country and even the world. In doing this the level of education will rise, because the teachers will be the best in their field. Right now technology is already making it easier to learn. We have so many resources over the computer and Internet. This is just going to continue to grow as far as our advancements in technology grow.

Right now in many schools there are teachers that have gone to school and learned how to teach. Many of the teachers may not be the best in their field. For example in music someone who has studied music all their life would most likely make a better teacher then someone who went to school to be a music teacher. But in many cases will not get a job as a teacher because they do not have that teaching background. The same goes for art classes.

If we had the best artists and musicians teaching our classes the children would learn more. The biggest issue in schools today I feel is class size. Schools are getting over crowed and the classes are getting to big. It is making it harder to learn and each student gets less personal attention from the teacher. When a teacher has one on one interaction with the student the student will probably learn more and retain more of the information. With smaller class sizes the teacher can monitor all the students easier.

Then if one student is having a problem with a specific topic the teacher can stop and focus on that issue with the student. In turn bettering education as a whole. In many high schools the average class size is about twenty-five. This is either because there are not enough teachers or not enough classrooms. This is a big issue because it is harder to learn in a large class than it is in a smaller class with about fifteen students in it. Education.

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