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Prince Edward Island Prince Edward Island is the smallest but most thickly populated province of Cananda. It's people usually call their province "The Island" or simply P.E.I. The people live in small scattered communities. but the average number of people to the square mile or kilometre is greater than any other province. Charlottetown is the capitol city of P.E.I.

P.E.I is the only Canadian province that is entirely separated from the North Americian mainland. The island lies in the gulf of St.Lawrence which is a rich fishing area off the Atlantic coast of Canada. Lobster is the most valuable catch of the island's fishing industry. The chief sources of employment and income for the people of the island are the service industries. Agriculture is the second most important source of income.

The greatest natural resource of the island is the fertile soil , the farms cover a greater percentage of the land than in any other province. Each year the province exports millions of bags of potatoes which is the main crop, other important farm products include, beef cattle, hay, hogs, milk, barley and other grains, and vegetables. The island lacks valuable minerals and cheap sources of power. In addition, transportation to and from the mainland is very expensive, therefore manufacturing on P.E.I. has developed slowly.

Manufacturing is now the third most important economic activity. -------------------------------------------------- --------------- THE PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND FLAG -------------------------------------------------- ---------------The provincial flag, adopted in 1964, bears an adaption of the coat of arms. ON the coat of arms, adopted in 1905, the british lion symbolizes the province's ties with Great Britain. Three small oak trees represent the three countries of P.E.I. The large oak tree stands for Canada and Great Britain. -------------------------------------------------- --------------- -------------------------------------------------- --------------- IMPORTANT DATES -------------------------------------------------- --------------- P.E.I entered the dominion on july 1st 1873 and was the 7th province to join the dominion. -1534, Jaques Cartier, a french explorer landed on P.E.I -1603, Samuel de Champlain claimed the island for france and named it St.Jean.

-1720, France established colonies near present day Charlottetown and Georgetown. -1763, France gave the island to Great Britain in the treaty of Paris after the French and Indian war. -1799, The colony was renamed P.E.I -1864, The first confederation conference was held in charlottetown to discuss a federal union. -1873, Prince Edward Island became the seventh province on July 1st. -1969, P.E.I. began an economic development program.

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