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Pablo Picasso have always had an interest in art but nothing major. All throughout high school and grade school I attended art classes and always seemed to enjoy them more than my peers. It wasn't until I attended this art class that I realized that art is more than just paint and water. It is what ever you make of it. Being that I never painted before that also means that I've never studied any artists either.

While completing my art assignments this semester I have also been reading about a certain artist on the side. No one could ever get me to pick up a book before but something in this art experience made me do it on my own. The man that I have been studying is not only intriguing but is beautiful and entertaining in his own ways. Not only is this man a legend but has taught me to look deeper into a work of art because you could find your own meaning of life. This man that I speak of is non other than Pablo Picasso. Picasso was born in Malaga, Spain in 1881.

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