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Mcdonalds Please relate one or more experiences or circumstances that have contributed to your personal and/or academic development. Why I will never eat at McDonalds, again I was seven years old and we were on a trip to Olean to go shopping. We were about ten minutes from Olean and as usual I was fighting with my sister in the backseat and for the tenth time this trip my dad was threatening to pull the car over if we didn't stop. I hated shopping when I was younger, and I always looked forward to our stop at McDonalds so I could get my Happy Meal fix and the new toy they were advertising. We had finally finished shopping at the mall and as usual my sister and I had been whining the whole time about how hungry we were. Finally my parents gave in and we headed to McDonald's. My sister and I both ordered Happy Meals and as usual we opened the toy before we ate.

I hated Barbies and that just happened to be the toy, so that was a bust. We finished eating and decided to head home. That night I became very sick and they took me to the hospital. It turned out that I had food poisoning and I wouldn't be able to attend school for a few days. I was so upset that I would have to miss our Valentine's day festivities.

My sister, being the sweetheart she is, brought my bag of valentines home for me. I finished reading them and I felt a lot better. I knew McDonalds was to blame for this, but I just didn't want to admit it. I finally got to go back to school and of course everyone wanted to know why I was so sick. I didn't want to sell out my favorite restaurant so I just said I had the flu. People found out eventually, then I felt bad because I had lied, but anything to save McDonald's name. I would never eat there again but I didn't want them to lose their five billion customers.

This few days taught me a lot about how good things come to those who wait. If that cheeseburger would of cooked a minute or two longer I wouldn't have been sick those next few days. Since then I try not to hurry things Acceptance Essays.

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