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Research paper example essay prompt: Influence Of Teens On The Music Industry - 420 words

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Influence of Teens on the Music Industry From the Beatles to N Sync teenyboppers have had an iron grip on the music industry that as far as any can one tell wont be released for many years. There are three main reasons that come directly to mind; age, money, and psychological aspects. These three motives will be embellished on later in the essay. Before we start I would like to propose a question that will clarify this essay a little better. Why does such a small portion of the America society indirectly control such a major part of our culture? The first and most influential part of the explanation to this horrible problem is age. Boys and girls just beginning their teen-age years (12-14) dont drive, probably dont have jobs and have nothing to really do but go to school and watch MTV. This is age group are the people whos parents buy the products that are advertised on MTV.

There fore MTV is going to run music videos that teenyboppers want to see so that they can sell advertisement space to the companies targeting this age group. Music has turned from an artful expression of emotions to a multi million-dollar business. Money is the second reason that such horrid music like Brittany Spears and Backstreet Boys get such global acknowledgment. Teenyboppers have nothing to spend their allowance. They dont pay bills, they dont have cars to put gas in, and they dont have any real place to hang out accept the mall.

This gives another advantage to the teeny-bops industry. Companies can sell CDs, posters, and corny picture books to money totting teenagers. The final and most profound reason for teenyboppers control of the music industry is the psychological aspect of young teenagers. When young people are just entering their teens they tend to follow the crowd so to speak. They dont take chances and make decisions that stray from the main group. It is an insecurity problem that everyone goes through. That is why so many young people listen to the same music, dress the same, and tend to stick to what their friends choose.

There is really no solution to this horrible problem. It has been happening since rock and roll was first developed as kind of music. The only thing we can do is offer no support what so ever to the idiots that exploit the young and vulnerable, find the music that we like and try to tune out the boy bands and there followers.

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