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.. D, O, X A cheat menu screen should appear if done correctly. To skip a level pause the game and select the next level option. The pogo option allows you to get to unreachably high places. Warning: Do not select the PAL Option - it crashes the game! Dead or Alive Instant Replay: After a round is over, but before the victory pose, press and hold guard (square) and kick (circle), and then press punch (triangle) while still holding the other two buttons; you can then rewind and replay the last segment of the fight to your heart's content by pressing or releasing punch (triangle) and still holding the other two buttons. Get all of the character outfits.: Everytime you beat the game with a character you earn a new outfit for that particular character. Play as Raidou and Ayane.: To play as Raidou: Defeat the game with all of the characters.

To play as Ayane: Earn all of the outfits, that's 14 for each female character, five for each male character, and 3 for Raidou The secret behind the extra config options is revealed!: If you beat the game once you will get the first. Then every three hours after that the game will automatically release one after the other. If you complete all of the moves for a character in training mode you will unlock a secret voice option. Deathtrap Dungeon Pick Any Level You Want With This Code: Press L1, R1, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Circle, R1, L1 at the main menu. All levels may now be selected at the Load Screen.

Destruction Derby 2 Check out some of the cool people who made this great game: Type in the code: CREDITZ! This code allows you to gain access to any of the tracks: Type the code: MACSrPOO Then immediately start a new practice race and all of the tracks should be accessible. Diablo Free money: Start a two player game. Give all of the gold to one of the characters and save the game for the character that has all of the gold. Begin another game with the saved character in two player mode and have the other character give his gold to the saved character again. Save the game and do it again and again.

Die Hard Trilogy Change the game!: R= Right U= Up D= Down S= Square During the game press pause. Then press R, U, D, S. Press pause again and select the 'use editor option'. It may take a while to get use to this, but you can change anything you want. Die Hard2 Level Codes: LEVEL 2 14(SPACE)JJ2JB144JL 289144JB(SPACE)(SPACE)F1(SPACE) 4JLKT3GS9(SPACE)L38 F144JL289144J LEVEL 3 SS(SPACE)XHKG5SW3DF KQ6SW3F!QQ1SM 3DDQRNCCVDFJQ 2SW3DFKQ6SW3(SPACE) LEVEL 4 F416QVMBF5NQL VC9F5NNSLCHF9 NQM1W6TDP6LWC FF5NQLVC9F5NJ LEVEL 5 N(SPACE)(SPACE)V38Y3N2JB1 85(SPACE)N2J955Y1NL JB(SPACE)1L4Q7TV195 4N2JB185(SPACE)N2J(SPACE) LEVEL 6 8N(SPACE)N8KL68P2NB KB58P2RQ!L581 2NB698681NBJB 18P2NBKB58P2J LEVEL 7 8D142J2(SPACE)8F1N6 JV38F1JJ3B(SPACE)8P 1N7BGCBSV46KV 78F1N6JV38F1J LAST LEVEL 8 N(SPACE)1B58Y3N2JB1 85(SPACE)N2JHHXP2NZ JB(SPACE)76LXXNV195 4N2JB185(SPACE)N2J(SPACE) Cheats for the entire trilogy: DIE HARD TRILOGY Legend: R= Right L= Left D= Down U= Right X=X O= O S= Square T= Triangle Enter any of the following codes after pausing the game.

While holding the R2 button, press any of the following: Die Hard 1: R, U, D, S = God mode R, S, D, O = 50 grenades and 5 bullets R, S, S, D = Fat mode D, S, T, D = Villains float upwards when shot L, O, D, S = Coordinates T,T,T,T,T,T,T,T,T,T,R,R,R,R = Skeleton mode D, O, O, D, T, D = Silly mode R, U, D, D, S, R = Unlimited shotgun Die Hard 2 R, U, D, S = Map editor (select this option for God mode) D, S, T, D = Skeleton mode R, S, L, O, T, D = Lots of ammo Die Hard 3 L, T, R, D = Fat mode R, S, L, T, X, S, D = Car floats in air D, U, L, L, D, U, L, L, D, U, L, L = Everything is flat L, U, L, L, S, D = Slow motion O, R, D, S, T, L = Sky cam mode O, D, D, S, R = Very slow motion O, O, S, S, D, D, X, X = 999 turbos L, O, U, D, S, R = Infinite lives Use these codes to gain an advantage against the terrorists: Any time during the game, pause the game and hold down R2 and enter one of these codes: Infinite life = Left, Right, Up, Down, Square Skeleton mode = Triangle 10 times, Right 4 times Heaven code = Down, Square, Triangle, Down Map Editor = Press Left, Right, L2, L1, R1, Up, Down, Square Go for it with endless rounds of ammo: At the start of the second game shoot the helicopter at the beginning and you will get unlimited baretta ammo. Disruptor Pick any level you want!: Enter these at the password entry screen Level 1: S T X O O T X X O S X S Level 2: X T O O S X T O T X T T Level 3: T X T S O O X O X T S S Level 4: X O T O S X X X O O O T Level 5: T X O O X X S O O X T X Level 6: O O X T T O S X X T S T Level 7: O S T X T O X O X T X X Level 8: S X O O X X X O O T O O Level 9: X O O X S X T O S T T S Level 10: O T X X O O X X T O S O Level 11: O S T O X T X T O X O S Level 12: X X X O O T O X O S X O Never die, never run out of ammo, ohhhh yeah!: During play press select to access the map mode. Press L1, triangle, x, x, circle, x, triangle, square, square. This will give you unlimited life. For full ammo, access map mode, press L1, x, square, triangle, triangle, x, circle, triangle, x. Excalibur 2555 A.D. Enter any one of the following codes at the password screen to start on any level.: Level 2, Death Crypt = T, S, X, O, O, T Level 3, The Trappings = O, S, X, O, O, T Level 4, The Sewer = S, X, T, T, X, O Level 5, Eco Sector = O, X, O, T, S, X Level 6, Fabian Water Hold = X, O, T, S, O, O Level 7, Fabian Central = S, S, O, O, X, T Level 8, The Prison = O, X, S, T, T, S Level 9, Elysian Labyrinth = T, X, T, O, S, T Level 10, Subterranean = T, O, O, S, T, X Level 11, The Vault = X, S, S, X, T, S Level 12, Delavar's Lair = O, T, X, O, S, O Level 13, Project Eden = S, T, O, X, X, X Fighting Force Level and invincibility cheat: At the title screen press and hold the following on controller 1; Left on the D-pad, Square, L1, and R2.

A message should appear at the bottom of the screen if done correctly. Enter the option menu and select either of the two codes to use. Final Fantasy Tactics Cheat your way to the top: Master one class per fight with Ramza. Be sure to finish the first fight with at least 300 JP for Squire. Learn Yell before the next fight.

During the next fight, have Ramza yell at himself and stay away from the enemies until his speed reaches 50 (the max). Then attack. You should be able to attack several times between enemy actions. Learn Accumulate before the third fight. During each subsequent battle, yell at Ramza until his speed is 50 (while staying away from the enemies).

Then Accumulate until you have enough job points to master the class. Once that is accomplished you should be able to wipe the enemy out. Repeat this process in each fight until you master every class (mid chapter 2). Note - When using a magically inclined class, do not equip a weapon! Formula 1 Make all sorts of bizarre changes to the race: Buggy Mode: Hold down the Select button. Tap the following buttons quickly: Right, Up, Triangle, Left, Up, Square, Triangle.

Now you should see the message "Buggy Mode Activated." This cheat will turn your car into a small buggy. Bike Mode: Hold down the Select button. Tap the following buttons quickly: Down, Up, O, Triangle, Right, Up, Square, Triangle. Now you should see the message "Bike Mode Activated." This cheat will turn your car into a tiny bike. Lava Mode: Hold down the Select button.

Tap the following buttons quickly: Square, O, Up, Right, Right, O, X. Now you should see the message "Lava Mode Activated." This cheat will turn all roads into lava and the rest into gray. Gibberish Mode: Hold down the Select button. Tap the following buttons quickly: Left, O, Up, Down, Down, Right, O, Square, Square. Now you should see the message "Gibberish Mode Activated." This cheat makes Murray talk total gibberish. Bonus Track: Hold down the Select button.

Tap the following buttons quickly: Left, O, O, Triangle, Triangle, O, Up, Right. Now you should see the message "Bonus Track Activated." This will make the bonus track selectable just like the normal tracks. Bonus Track: To gain access to the Grand Champion Bonus Track you must finish first in both team and driver points in championship mode. Go into a single race then select the bonus track. Frogger Skip levels and get unlimited lives!: Level Select Pause the game during play and press R, S, T, S, T, R1, L1, R1, L1, O. Infinite Lives Pause the game during play and press R, S, T, S, T, X.

G Police Unlimited shields, All weapons and unlimited ammo! : For unlimited shields: At the briefing screen press and hold L1+R2+Square then while still holding press Left on the D-pad. For all weapons and unlimited ammo: At the loadout screen(weapon select) press and hold L1+L2+R1+circle+triangle+square. Then while still holding press Left on the D-pad. Gex: Enter the Gecko Gex made easy: Infinite lives: UNDEAD Invincible: WEASEL One-Liners (Quotes): ALOUD Rambling GEX: SENSELESS To enter these codes press pause during the game then press and Hold L2 and R2. Then press the directions and buttons listed below that spell out the words above.

For the letters U or N, push the up key. For the letters D or S, push the down key. For the letters L or W, push the left key. For the letters R or E, push the right key. For the letter, A, push the triangle button.

For the letter, O, push the O button. For the letter, X push the X button. Gran Turismo Get money fast and easy: All you have to do is keep entering a race that you know that you can win and keep winning it! Then you can rack up more and more money!!!!! (You can also sell the car that you win as well!) Get back in the race faster after a mishap: If you are racing any fully tuned turbo type car and you spin out. It takes 10-15 seconds to get going again. Instead of watching the competition drive by while you try to get any revs and speed built up try this.

When you spin out and come to a stop, hold the gas and the brake at the same time, the revs will build quickly and when you hit the redline release the brake and you take off like a shot. You save tons of time. A brief explanation of what is required to get extra car manufactures, the ending, and hi-fi mode.: After you get the four extra tracks you can beat the four with all classes and will get four extra car manufactures. Then if you beat all 8 tracks in normal mode in all classes you will see the ending. And last if you beat all tracks in all classes you will be able to use hi-fi mode.

Get 2000 dollars more for your car: If you sell a car sell it to the company it was made you'll get paid $2,000 more than if you were to sell it to someone like Dodge or Chevy. Four more tracks!: In order to reveal an extra four tracks you need to win all three classes on the first four tracks. Grand Theft Auto Infinite Ammo, Unlock Cities, and More.: GROOVY: All weapons, infinite ammo, get out of jail key, armor. WEYHEY: 9999990 points (level complete) BLOWME: Coordinates EATTHIS: Max for level of choice FECK: Liberty city parts 1 and 2 TVTAN: San Andreas and Liberty City parts 1 and 2 URGE: All cities parts 1 and 2 except Vice City part 1 CAPRICE: Level select CHUFF: No police TURF: All cities Car & Driver Presents: Grand Tour Racing '98 Find the hidden medal for a secret!: Start a race in Hong Kong. Race until you encounter a dirt road, start to slow down a when you see the bridge.

Drive across the bridge, and turn right. Head under the bridge and locate the gold medal this will grant you the secret car and track. Grid Runner Sometimes its faster to get flags when you're "it": Instead of avoiding your opponent and taking twice as long to collect the flags, try allowing yourself to be "it" and chasing him down. Your opponent will stay near flags and after you tag him you'll have time to run around and collect a couple more. Hexen Every Cheat : From the main game menu, select "Options." From the options screen, select "Pad Config".

Once in the configuration menu, Hold down the R2 button and press Right, Down, Right, Triangle, X. You should then hear a sound to let you know the code was entered correctly. If you don't hear anything, try entering the code again. Once the code has been entered correctly, go back to the main menu. You will see a new option called "Cheats." You will not be able to access this menu until you start the game.

Start a game and hit the pause key. Select "Cheats," and you will see various options to make gameplay easier, such as God mode, weapons, keys, etc. Set the cheats up as you like and then quit the cheat's menu, then unpause your game. Cheats will now be activated. Hot Shots Golf Play on the courses backwards!: Highlight a course at the course selection screen, then hold L1+L2 and press X. Happy sounds: Begin game play in multi-player mode.

Press X, Triangle, Circle, or Square on the controller not currently in use to play various sounds. Get all of the people and places: Remove all memory cards from the PlayStation. Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 on controller two when the screen flashes just before the Hot Shots logo appears during the opening sequence. Keep those buttons held, and press UP, UP, Down, UP, Left, Right, Right, Left, UP, UP, Down, UP, Left, Right, Right, Left on controller two while the Hot Shots logo is in motion. The sound of a wood driver will confirm correct code entry. Play Either Way: Highlight a golfer at the character selection screen, then hold L1 and press X.

Impact Racing Unlimited ammo, all weapons available, last level skip, and bonus level: To get the desired effect, enter your chosen code on the password screen: loadsofstuff (unlimited ammo for weapons) all.tooledup (get all weapons) endgamelevel (last level) (indestructible car) bonus.level (bonus level) Incredible Hulk: The Pantheon Saga Skip ahead .. or back. Your choice.: Level 2: 603EE0C530 Level 3: B08E0F0802 Level 4: 000026B698 Level 5: 40074DFF12 Independence Day Play any level, any time!: Go into the options menu and select the normal difficulty level. Then, without a memory card in the slot, select the load game option and enter any one of the following codes: Washington DBKMO New York GBKMX Paris LLSMX Moscow NL9MX Tokyo R39NF Oahu T59MX Las Vegas Z99MZ Mothership 399MH Jeremy McGrath Supercross '98 Extra bikes, reversed tracks, and even more cheats!: Access the Yamaha YZ80 Complete the first race in first place under advanced mode. This will also enable you to race Jeremy one on one.

Reversed Tracks Complete the season in first place. Automatic Saved Game Loading Enter MCGRATH as the players name. Mirrored Tracks Complete the season in first place using the reversed tracks. Jet Moto Can't get to all of the tracks? Now you can!: Go into the options menu and set the difficulty level to 'amateur.' Then change the trophy presenter to 'male.' Next, highlight the exit option and press X to return to the title screen. On the directional pad press Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Right, Down, Left. Now press Left, then X, to enter the options screen.

Change the difficulty to 'professional' and change the trophy presenter to 'riders choice.' Now move to the exit option and press X to go back to the title screen. Once here press Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right on the pad. You'll hear a sound if it worked. Go ahead and start to play. You will find that after choosing your rider and race type you are now able to select any track you want.

Jet Moto 2 Gain access to all of the tracks: Use the following steps to enable all tracks, including the alternate tracks. (this is hard to do) Set master difficulty and five laps per race at the options screen Press X on Li'l Dave at the 1 player select screen, then go back to title screen. Press Up, Down, Left, Right, R2, R1, L2, L1 within four seconds at the title screen. Set three laps per race at the options screen. Then press X on Wild Ride at the 1 player select screen, then go back to title screen.

Press Up, Left, Down, Right, Square, R2, Circle, L2 within four seconds at the title screen. Set amateur difficulty and turbos off at the options screen. Press X on Bomber at the 1 player select screen, then go back to title screen. Press Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right within four seconds at the title screen. Set professional difficulty and turbos on at the options screen.

Press R2, R1, L1, L2, R2, R1, L1, L2 within four seconds at the title screen. Its an enigma!: Set master difficulty and 6 laps per race at the options screen. Press Left, Square, Down, Triangle, Right, Circle, L1, R1 within four seconds at the title screen. Secret modes and characters: If you beat Jet Moto 2 on the hardest difficulty setting a secret setting and character will be revealed. Everytime you earn a trophy with a character a secret opens up.

Try to get a trophy with all of the characters to see all of the secrets. Jumping Flash! 2 Super and Extra Modes: When you beat Jumping Flash 2 you have the opportunity to replay the game in Super Mode. In Super Mode you can Super Jump six levels of jumping by pressing the jump button each time you reach the full height of a jump. Finish the game in Super Mode, and you can play Extra Mode - a higher level of difficulty. King Of Fighters 95 Play as the boss characters: At the characters selection screen, select [YES] for "Team Edit". Then, WHILE HOLDING [START], Press in this order: Up + Circle, Right + Square, Left + X, Down + Triangle.

Legacy of Kain Blood refill, Magic refill, and cinemas: During play simply push the buttons and directions listed for each code: Blood Refill Up, Right, Square, Circle, Up, Down, Right, Left Magic Refill Right, Right, Square, Circle, Up, Down, Right, Left Access to all cinemas in the Dark Diary Left, Right, Square, Circle, Up, Down, Right, Left Lost World: Jurassic Park 90 lives with any of the characters!: Enter these codes at the password screen Compy with 90 lives: x,x,o,t,s,x,s,x,o,s,t,s Hunter with 90 lives: s,s,t,o,x,s,s,s,s,x,o,t Raptor with 90 lives: x,x,o,t,s,x,s,x,s,s,t,o T-Rex with 90 lives: x,x,o,t,s,s,s,x,t,s,t,s Human prey with 90 lives: s,s,t,o,x,x,s,s,t,x,o,t Debug Menu: Enter this code three times in a row for it to work. The first two times it will say that the code is wrong. On the third try it will say it is correct. The code is: s,x,o,t,t,x,s,o,t,o,x,s Key: X=X O=O T=Triangle S=Square Enter one of these codes at the password entry screen: To play as the Compy with twenty lives enter: X, X, O, O, T, T, T, O, O, S, S, O To play as the Human Hunter with twenty lives enter: S, S, T, T, O, O, T, T, S, X, X, T To play as the Raptor with twenty lives enter: O, O, X, X, S, S, S, X, T, T, S, T To play as the T-rex with twenty lives enter: T, T, S, S, X, S, T, S, X, O, O, O To play as the Human Prey with twenty lives enter: O, O, X, X, S, X, T, X, X, T, T, T Machine Hunter Kill enemies with only one shot : Enter the following password at the password screen to make your bullets more powerful than you could possibly imagine. GRIMREAPER Madden NFL 97 See all the cinemas and extra teams: To view all the cinematic sequences in Madden 97 press L1 and R1 together when you first turn on the game, until the cinematic screen comes up. Instead of going to the introduction, the game will go to a screen that says cinematic.

To view them, just click on the screens at the bottom. At the user screen, enter "TIBURON". Press X to accept this name, then press O to back out. At the team select screen, there should be 7 new teams for you to play. Madden 97 code - at the exhibition screen press L2 and R2 until you get an otherwise hidden standout team. Marvel Super Heroes Secret characters: To play as Thanos beat the game once then select arcade mode.

At the character select screen highlight Spider-Man then press up twice on the D-pad holding up the second time. While holding up quickly press and hold strong punch, then press and hold medium punch, and finally press and hold weak punch. If done correctly Thanos should be selected. To play as Dr. Doom beat the game once then select arcade mode.

At the character select screen highlight Spider-Man then press down twice on the D-pad holding down the second time. While holding down quickly press and hold weak kick, then press and hold medium kick, then press and hold strong kick. You can let up on all of the buttons this should select Dr. Doom. MechWarrior 2 Maintain proper speed: Simply enter this at the password screen #, A, X, 0, /, A, 4, Y, Y, A You got the shells: Enter this at the password screen T, O, X, 0, /, A, X, >, T, U Play all the missions!: Simply enter this at the password screen T,.

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