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Research paper example essay prompt: 1st I Need To Fix Up My Car It Is A Red 1986 Ford Mustang That Is Turning Pink Because Of - 589 words

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1ST - I need to fix up my car. It is a Red 1986 Ford Mustang that is turning pink because of age. The problems I have with the car are, having never been fixed up since it was made in '86, is looking worse with each day. The upholstery, which was a dark red when new, is turning to a whitish pink color from fading over the years. Also from the sun, is the dashboard, it is cracked in many different places. The music of my car s non-existent, the reason for this is the fact that Julie Jenner, the previous owner, took the stereo out to use for herself.

When I do get a stereo finally hooked up, whoever has to do this will have a tough job because Julie did all of the wiring herself, badly. I am always bored in my car because the lack of music makes me sleepy. The motor in my car is a 4 cylinder and it idles at about 500 R. P. M., which is very low.

Because of low idling, the engine sometimes kills when I stop at red lights or stop signs. The low idle speed also makes it harder to start the car in cold weather and bad heating. Slower acceleration is another bad part of the idle, also making it frustrating when I try to peel out. To fix this I will have to have someone teach me how to set the idle. To pay for these numerous luxuries, I will have to save my paycheck from my job for a long time.

This will take a long time because I only make about twenty or twenty-five dollars a week. Only working four and a half hours a week is not very profitable. I will eventually pay for this if I save and spend my money wisely. I may even have to get another job to make myself happy. 2ND - The girls Basketball team for Sturgis is probably one of the best tams in the state. Our team outperforms and outscores every competitor to come this way.

We have many great players including, Megan Little, Megan Mahoney, Miaken Zeigler, and Tai Leidtke. But with Mahoney scoring over 1000 career points, who could even come close? The girls have taken us to third in South Dakota, defeating Sioux Falls and Mitchell with ease. The same teams were able to beat us many years ago, but no more. If you are confused about what I am trying to say, it is as simple as this, the girls basketball team is in top shape and they are the best there are. They will go to state and they will impress everyone by winning.

So far, we are almost defeated, losing by only a couple points in each losing game. We are on a streak and will probably stay that way for the rest of the year. This year is a slight change of from last year team wise. We were forced to change leagues, this year we mainly play teams from the East Side of South Dakota. Last year we play schools from the nearby Black Hills or eastern Wyoming. I am pretty sure that we taken out of the league because they saw that we would be dominating their teams in no time.

So why do you think I like the team so much? if it isn't clear YET, it is because we are so damn good! It even makes up for some of the losses by our football team. 3RD -.

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