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H. G. Wells H. G. Wells James Lee May 09, 2001 The Invisible Man Grove Block 4 235 Pages Watermill Press, INC.

The Invisible Man is a science fiction story of a scientist who finds a way to turn himself invisible. He travels to this small town hiding his identity by wrapping himself in bandages creating wild fantasies of who his real identity is. He stays at the Coach and Horses Inn hosted by a Mrs. Hall who patiently puts up with her new strange house guest's irritability. The stranger goes about his experiments and wishes to be kept alone.

Through all this, this mad scientist terrorizes the people of the town by acting as if the town all of a sudden was haunted by ghosts or spirits. Is this stranger all what he appears to be or is there more hidden under those bandages? Yes, more or less. This scientist has found a way to turn himself invisible but can not find a way to become normal again. This is what drives him insane. H.

G. Wells works wonders with this novel. He grips you with the suspense and carries you along with the adventure. I would recommend this story to anyone interested in science fiction at its best. Biographies.

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