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  • Xbar Theory Of Psg - 1,107 words
    X-Bar Theory Of Psg 'X-bar syntax, as a theory of phrase structure grammar, makes a significant contribution to both the descriptive and the explanatory adequacy of Linguistic Theory.' The aim of a theory of language is to describe a speaker's linguistic competence. (Class notes) In order for a grammar to be satisfactory it must satisfy two main conditions: descriptive adequacy and explanatory adequacy. A grammar that satisfies descriptive adequacy "describes the grammatical sentences of a language in such a way as to uncover deeper principles and rules, which capture in a more satisfactory way the intuitions of the native speaker. A grammar which is formulated in accordance with the princip ...
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  • Xbar Theory Of Psg - 1,123 words
    ... relationship of three grammatical categories, namely N'' for the full phrase, N' for the intermediate phrase, and N for the word level or the head of the phrase (Class notes). In order to prove that the X-Bar theory makes a contribution to explanatory adequacy, we would need to show that it is possible to apply the same phrasal analysis to the other major grammatical categories, i.e. VP, AP, PP, and ADVP and then to other languages. Before extending the phrasal analysis of the NP to the VP, let us begin by recognising the need for a third intermediate category for VPs, in the example eating a chocolate. This is shown by the fact that (1) only this unit can be preposed: a) He might have ...
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  • Xdsl - 1,289 words
    Xdsl Digital Subscriber Lines Fast and affordable Internet access has become a big issue for private users and small businesses. Today users have many different options concerning Internet access. One can use a 56k/28k modem, cable modem, wireless, Ethernet, an ISDN connection, a T1 or T3 connection, or a DSL connection. Each method of connection has advantages and disadvantages concerning security, cost, and speed. A newer technology for users is DSL or a Digital Subscriber Line. DSL uses existing phone lines to send info. Unlike a dial up analog modem, a DSL connection allows voice and data to be sent at the same time on the same phone line, the bit rate is faster and the connection is con ...
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  • Xmen Movie - 1,218 words
    X-Men Movie I am critiquing the movie "X-men". This movie is based on a comic book and on an animated series. Both the animated series and the comic book revolve around mutants. These mutants often look human, however many look quite different than any normal human and also their powers are quite extraordinary. This creates one problem when converting to movie form. Make-up gadgets and special effects must be used so that our reality where the film is made may accurately reflect the reality where the film is set. Also, the characters from the animated series and the comic books all have personalities and physical features that the actors in the film must try to match. This is a difficult thi ...
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  • Xml And Java - 1,355 words
    Xml And Java XML and Java Abstract Most web developers are intimately familiar with HTML, which is a language for presenting information on-screen so that it can be read by a human. A new markup language is rapidly gaining attention, however. XML allows for the presentation of information which can be read by a computer program. It is likely that the future of web development includes the creation of increasing numbers of programs, which make intelligent use of the data on XML-based web pages. And Java is a very good language for creating those programs. There has been a close relationship between Java and XML since the earliest mention of XML. John Bosak of Sun Microsystems, Chair of the XM ...
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  • Xml And Java - 1,302 words
    ... creation of proprietary parsers for each data format. In addition, it is necessary to implement elaborate validation routines to insure that all required data is provided, is consistent, and meets the rules of the transaction. This can be a significant effort, requiring custom programming to create the data, and to process it at its destination. XML alleviates this problem by providing a standard way to encode data, validate it, and parse it. This function requires the availability of a DTD (Document Type Definition). While DTDs are not required for all XML documents, when one is present a standard parser can refer to it and use it to determine whether or not an XML document is, in fact, ...
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  • Xyy Syndrome - 427 words
    XYY Syndrome subject = Intro to Biology title = XYY Syndrome XYY Males XYY Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder which affects males due to an extra Y chromosome. Healthy males have 46 chromosomes including one X and one Y chromosome. Men with XYY syndrome have 47 chromosomes, two of which are Y chromosomes. It is not known why the extra Y chromosome occurs. The disorder is present at birth and is estimated to occur in one out of every one thousand live births. In very rare instances, the syndrome has been passed from father to son, but in most cases heredity cannot be established. The characteristics of XYY syndrome are often very subtle and do not indicate and serious chromosomal disorder. T ...
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