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  • V Chip Act - 1,181 words
    V Chip Act In the process of unbridling the burdened telecommunications industry, Congress somehow forgot itself and managed to regulate a new blossoming business. This industry was one that was a true and unadulterated free market. It is the Internet. This market place, which resides everywhere yet nowhere in a place called cyberspace, deals in one thing: information. Each day millions of people trade uncountable letters, memos, posts on newsgroups, photographs and innumerable conventional and unconventional information. This is done at the rate of millions of gigabytes each hour. Nevertheless, tucked away under Title V of the otherwise agreeable telecommunications deregulatory law, is a me ...
    Related: chip, venus de milo, free market, catcher in the rye, martin
  • Vacation - 702 words
    Vacation?! Vacation ?! This year, almost like every year, I decided to spend my summer vacation with my family far away from any tourist attractions at a place in the middle of nowhere. Wednesday morning we were hurring in the usual manner, half an hour too late, to the airport, because my wife and my 16-year-old daughter spent half a day in the bathroom. What, in the world, are they doing there? Why does it take them so long? Why, above all, is that it takes them so long today even though they know we are late? I will never understand this. But enough of womens weird bathroom behavior now, this is not our theme today. No, our them today is travelling. So now picture me driving like a maniac ...
    Related: vacation, social skills, duty free, tourist attractions, rush
  • Vaccine Could Protect Against Stroke And Epilepsy - 1,277 words
    Vaccine Could Protect Against Stroke And Epilepsy Vaccine Could Protect Against Stroke And Epilepsy Damage February 25, 2000 A new oral vaccine has offered new hope because of its effectiveness in protecting laboratory rats against brain damage from epilepsy and stroke, and might one day be used to help humans with the same conditions. The vaccine blocks a protein in the brain called NMDA, but does so only when epilepsy or stroke occur. The vaccine is released in the brain as needed and is protected from any side effects. During and colleagues immunized another group of rats and after five months induced stroke in them by blocking an artery in the brain. The rats still experienced strokes, b ...
    Related: epilepsy, stroke, vaccine, immune system, national institute
  • Valerie Morgan Case Study - 1,465 words
    Valerie Morgan Case Study Valerie Morgan Case Study Partnering Leadership and Controls Margaret Glendinning-Welch December 13, 1999 Abstract Morgan Publications is currently in the leadership crisis stage of the companys evolution. This is characterized by the need for more formal means of communication, unwanted management responsibilities of the founder and increasing conflicts of the department managers. A strong management entity is needed to pull the organization together and assist in setting a direction for the future. This direction includes establishing more formal systems and controls, but without sacrificing department managers autonomy and creativity, and maintaining a decentrali ...
    Related: case study, morgan, valerie, performance standards, problems associated
  • Value Of Honor - 770 words
    Value Of Honor The Value of Honor There is a priceless respect that everyone in the world possesses, and that is the respect of a persons honor. A persons honor is something that can not be bought, sold, or traded its something that must be gained by the respect of your peers. An example of how honor is seen in everyday life in through a persons word. A persons honor is supported by their word, and if they do not uphold their word then they are left with nothing. To try and explain the personal trait of honor is something that can not be done in a few words, or a sentence. I feel as though honor is made up of different combinations of personal traits depending on the individual. Some of thes ...
    Related: world war ii, everyday life, world power, rely, extraordinary
  • Values - 445 words
    Values A value is a social principle goal, or standard held by an individual, class, or society. Values are shaped by the surrounding situations. The Industrial Revolution created new values in Western society, values that are central to our thinking today. Three things from the Industrial Revolution that directly affected people's values were the creation of the middle class, the urbanization of cities, and the growth of rights for women. The Industrial Revolution was the first time when the middle class appeared. The Industrial Revolution was what made the middle class a recognizable group. The people in the middle class had their goals and shaped their values around them. The major goal o ...
    Related: industrial revolution, middle class, supporting, women's
  • Values - 689 words
    Values The Vales that you develop as you go threw life determine what kind of a person you become. Most of my values I learned were from my family, my friends, and the people that I admire. There are certain things that I value in my life; one of those is the friends that I made when I lived in Heidelberg, Germany for two years. Another thing that I value is having a chance to live in Europe for two years. Finally the last value that I would like to talk about is my relationship with my parents. The Guys that I made friends with in Heidelberg are probably gone to be my best friends for the rest of my life. The reason why I value these friends so much is because I really do not think that I c ...
    Related: different perspective, health care, the girl, stuff, guess
  • Values Of Americans - 835 words
    Values of Americans America is the most powerful country in the world. The American economy has been a symbol of the wealth of a nation. The efforts of our forefathers and present geniuses have created economic values, which have caused Americans to thrive. Two of these influences are Bill Gates and Ben Franklin who through genius and hard work, have made huge advances in economic values. Although their efforts spaced by hundreds of years, they believe similarly in the success of workers. Two articles "The Way to Wealth", by Ben Franklin and "Microserfs", by David Coupland, support economic values of their specific time periods. Franklins essay is written in 1733, when agriculture was the wa ...
    Related: american dream, american economic, american economy, american lifestyle, american lives
  • Values: A Code Of Honor - 834 words
    Values: A Code Of Honor Values: A Code of Honor I believe it is a great idea to put the Army's core values on a plastic dog tag and require us to wear them around our necks. It's a great reminder to us of who and what we are. But more importantly it's a reminder to soldiers of what to look for in their leaders. Maybe that's what has so many leaders irate enough to write letters and articles about how offensive it is when they are reminded of the Army's values. No one ever learned values by being given a card, tag or anything else with a list of values on it. But I fear too many of us are getting so wrapped up in this thought that we've lost track of what's important. Where do values come fro ...
    Related: social issues, right thing, importantly, creed
  • Vampire Lestat - 2,081 words
    ... Lestat de Lioncourt Nicholas de Lenfent Summary: This book is about the life of Lestat de Lioncourt, later known as the Vampire Lestat. Lestat is writing The Vampire Lestat to let the other vampires around the world know that he is still around. He has been underground for a couple hundred years, but decides to come to the surface when he hears wonderful music by radio waves. Lestat begins the story with him at twenty-one years old, in the 1700s. He, his horse, and his two mastiff dogs have gone to the surrounding woods to kill wolves that have been terrorizing his town. When he encounters the wolves, there are more than he has expected, and he loses his two dogs that he raised from pup ...
    Related: vampire, the prince, after life, lips, fang
  • Vampires - 336 words
    Vampires VAMPIRES Vampires have fell under a certain stereotype ever since the early nineteenth Century, and even up until today. Movies, novels and people in general have depicted vampires as bloodsucking demons who turn into bats, and I am sure everyone is familiar with any vampires need to seduce women almost daily. Vampires are said to be " an alien nocturnal species," as Nina Auerbach's book-"Our vampires, ourselves" states; but all vampires are not the coffin lying, shadow loitering monsters that the media perceives them to be. First of all, vampires are neither inhuman nor nonhuman, " they are simply more alive than they should be." What does this statement infer? Does this perception ...
    Related: vampires, final draft, nineteenth century, draft, perception
  • Vampires, Obsession Throughout Eternity Obsession - 1,490 words
    Vampires, Obsession Throughout Eternity Obsession Vampires, Obsession Throughout Eternity Obsession. A persistent, disturbing preoccupation with an often-unreasonable idea, feeling, object or person; broadly: compelling motivation (Collegiate Dictionary). Many stories have been told of obsessed men and women who waste their lives on lost causes, calling them tragedies. But what if you were immortal? What if you were forever? Then your life would not be wasted, but instead a reason for living would become instinctive. And what if having an obsession, something criticized by mortal humans, was the only way to keep your sanity and appetite for life through eternity? When looking through the vam ...
    Related: eternity, obsession, young girl, men and women, denied
  • Van Gogh - 344 words
    Van Gogh Hi, my name is Vincent Van Gogh. I was born on March 30, 1853 in Groot-Zundert, North Brabant, Netherlands. I am the eldest son of a Protestant Clergyman. In 1869, at age 16, I began to work for Groupil and Company, who were Art Dealers in The Hague, where my uncle was a partner. I briefly turned to teaching school in England after Groupil and Company dismissed me in 1876. I then began to study for entrance to a theological seminary to follow in the footsteps of my father. After failing to qualify, I then volunteered for service among the coal miners of the Borinage in southern Belgium. In 1881 I moved to The Hague to work with the Dutch landscape painter Anton Mauve. And the next s ...
    Related: gogh, van gogh, vincent van gogh, theological seminary, european history
  • Vandy Religion Essay - 935 words
    Vandy Religion Essay I have been around religion all my life, but only recently has it become important to me. I find this ironic, because I recently transferred to a 'public' DODDS school from a small, private Catholic school. Only after I was removed from the Catholic school environment did I begin to see what religion really is. I came to the Catholic school system in Leavenworth, Kansas in the fifth grade. Before that time, I was nave; I barely knew any swear words and all I knew about sex was that I was interested in cute boys. Ironically, it was this time, all through and every year after fifth grade that I was subjected to and learned vulgarity. By the time I was a sophomore, I was so ...
    Related: religion, school system, good time, the bible, weekend
  • Vanity Fair, Bleak House And Felix Holt - 809 words
    Vanity Fair, Bleak House And Felix Holt Queen Victoria and her consort, Prince Albert, established the idea of a sound family life as a prime value of the mid-century years. In Vanity Fair, Bleak House, and Felix Holt we see a very different idea in family rapport. In Vanity Fair, the Sedley family gives us a good example of a family that did not see sound family life as a prime value. Though both Amelia and Jos live good lives, Amelia going to a respectable girls' academy, Miss Pinkerton's, and Jos living abroad in India, neither of them is exceptional, though, an outsider might have seen them so. Amelia, whom we see being well liked by many and a seemingly lovely girl, is not as perfect as ...
    Related: bleak, bleak house, felix, holt, vanity, vanity fair
  • Various Genetic Disorders - 1,099 words
    Various Genetic Disorders Various Genetic Disorders Alterations in human chromosomes or the deletion of an important gene product are often due to a mutation, which can spring an abundant strand of genetic mutations and improper coding. Mutations can spring from deletion, duplication or inversion of a chromosome. This improper deletion is the factor that leads to complications and ultimately genetic disorders. Turner Syndrome and Cat-cry Syndrome are both alterations of chromosome structure due to deletion. In Turner Syndrome, there is a missing X chromosome and in the Cat-cry Syndrome chromosome-18 has been lost or deleted. Other genetic disorders that give rise to discussion are point muta ...
    Related: communication disorders, disorders, genetic, genetic disorder, bone marrow
  • Vegan - 1,350 words
    Vegan "The greatest of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."(Mahatma Gandhi Quotes) Gandhi said this in his book, The Moral Basis of Vegetarianism, this belief is still valid in today's modern society. At the present time in the United States, the concern for the health and well being of animals is drastically increasing. And one of the most substantial indications of this is the increasing number of vegans and vegetarians in our nation. Today there are over half a million vegans and countless millions of vegetarians in the United States alone. There are several different kinds of vegetarians following this practice. A vegan consumes no foods of a ...
    Related: vegan, first century, modern society, personal health, substituting
  • Vegan - 1,342 words
    ... valid importance in learning anatomy. But they are wrong, dissection is murder. All different kinds of animals such as cats, frogs, and pigs are either raised, stolen, or caught in their own habitat, this unbelievable amount of deaths often leads to a large decrease in the population of a particular species. Since the intent is to kill a large number of specimens as fast as possible, they are all shoved together into small containers and gassed to death. Some of the animals do not die immediately, but the animals die when they are injected with the preservative formaldehyde, this causes an intense burning sensation. Dissection is not necessary to learn anatomy, there are alternatives to ...
    Related: vegan, american public, dairy products, animal cruelty, television
  • Vegetarianism - 942 words
    Vegetarianism "Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet." Albert Einstein What is Vegetarianism? Vegetarianism is the practice of not eating meat or some animal products, depending on the degree of vegetarianism. There are various types of vegetarianism, each with its own benefits, but also its own difficulties. The first of the three main types, and most common, is Ovo-lacto. Ovo-lacto vegetarians eat no meat (red meat, poultry, or seafood), but do eat eggs and dairy products. The second type is Lacto. Lacto vegetarians do not eat meat or eggs, but do eat dairy products. The last, and strictest, of ...
    Related: vegetarianism, blood pressure, albert einstein, dairy products, hominid
  • Vegetarianism - 640 words
    Vegetarianism Vegetarianism is the limitation of ones diet to only vegetables. Vegetarianism has been around for centuries, but recently we have seen the eruption of a more militant vegetarianism that is inspired by the animal "rights" movement. Today, vegetarian activists are throwing pies at Ronald McDonald and the Pork Queen, scrawling "meat is murder" in prominent locations, committing terrorist acts of arson, and waging media campaigns equating meat consumption with cannibalism. Vegetarians are, on the average, far healthier than those who consume the typical Western diet, and enjoy a lower incidence of many chronic diseases. However, it has not been proven that one must eliminate meat ...
    Related: vegetarianism, research using, human population, terrorist acts, eliminating
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