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  • Palestinian Liberation Organization - 1,011 words
    Palestinian Liberation Organization 1. Can the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) justifiably claim to be 'the sole, legitimate representative of the Palestinian people.'? The PLO was set up in 1964 by an Arab League decision in response to growing signs of Palestinian unrest. The Palestinians desired to reclaim the lands occupied by Israel, which they felt belonged to them, as said in the Bible. In 1964 the Arab states created the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). While it was supposed to represent the Palestinians, in reality it represented the views of President Nasser of Egypt, who guided the formation of the PLO. Its first leader made wild and irresponsible threats to drive ...
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  • Palestinian Liberation Organization - 1,013 words
    ... ering honour. Far from uniting behind the Palestinian cause as words might indicate, every Arab state in practice discriminated against Palestinians living in its midst and had differing slants upon the PLO. This was due to its nature as an umbrella organization, the PLO comprises a number of resistance organizations. These organizations entered the PLO as groups retaining their ideological and organizational identity. Consequently, PLO institutions are structured to reflect proportional representation of each organization in addition to the few independent members. This has turned PLO politics into coalition politics. The flux of events between 1967 and 1982 offered Palestinians several ...
    Related: liberation, liberation organization, palestinian, palestinian liberation, world politics
  • Palestrina - 1,562 words
    Palestrina Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina The greatest composer of liturgical music of all time, born at Palestrina (ancient Praeneste) in 1514 or 1515, according to Baini, Riemann, and others, according to Haberl, in 1526; died at Rome, 2 February, 1594. His early history is practically unknown. Giusseppi Ottavia Pittoni (1657-1743), in notizie dei maestri di cappella si di Rome che altramontani, 1600-1700, a manuscript in the Vatican, relates that young Pierluigi sang in the streets of Rome while offering for sale the products of his parents farm and that he was heard on such an occasion by the choirmaster of Santa Maria Maggiore, who, impressed by the boy's beautiful voice and pronounce ...
    Related: palestrina, counter reformation, church music, virgin mary, significance
  • Paliamentary Procedure - 413 words
    Paliamentary Procedure Parliamentary Procedure  Meetings overseen by an elected chairman  Chairman responsible for keeping general order of meetings and collecting and counting closed or secret ballot votes  Chairman can or can not be a voting member of the board  The discussion can be an open discussion or members must wait to speak until recognized by the chairman 1. A member of the board calls a particular subject in question to a vote 2. The initial call to vote needs to be supported by another member of the board in the form of a verbal "second". 3. If the call to vote is seconded then the chairman announces that the vote in question has been seconded and ...
    Related: procedure, decision making process, decision making, decision-making process, counting
  • Palliative Care - 1,452 words
    Palliative Care The role of the expert palliative care nurse is complex and unique. The nurse functions as an integral part of a Multidisciplinary team, providing expert skilled assessment and nursing care, supporting the patient and the family to make informed choices thereby encouraging the patient to continue to make autonomous decisions about their care towards the end of their life. However, often the nurse will find herself dealing with difficult family dynamics with family members having differing expectations of the type of care that the patient should be receiving, staff conflict over treatment methods or strategies and high workloads. These issues can only compound the stresses on ...
    Related: care unit, medical care, nursing care, palliative, palliative care, patient care
  • Palliative Care - 1,412 words
    ... rpretation by using such other words. The Nurse needs to explore the issue of pain and help to identify the source. Location. Intensity, and Quality of the pain help to identify the source. Eg. Bone, visceral or nerve pain. Identifying the source aids in determining the appropriate treatment method. The expert Nurse will be aware that nerve pain will not respond as well to opiates and that neuroleptic agents need to employed. As suggested earlier, as Nurses spend the most time with the patients they are able to obtain the most information on the patients response to pain management plans, they are able to educate patients on the need to take regular analgaesia; and they can be the most i ...
    Related: palliative, palliative care, successful management, work stress, offering
  • Pan American World Airways, Inc - 1,396 words
    Pan American World Airways, Inc Pan American World Airways, Inc ("Pan Am") is a New York corporation organized in 1927 which is engaged in commercial air transportation which it pioneered between the United States and most areas of the world. Pan Am Corporation ("the Corporation"), a Delaware corporation, is and since September 14, 1984 has been the parent of Pan Am, it's principal subsidiary. For the past few years Pan Am's financial condition has been very poor. The company reported a consolidated net loss for 1986 of $469.3 million. The 1988 net loss included a gain of $89.1 million resulting from the sale of Pan Am's Airbus A320 aircraft and delivery positions. This gain was partially of ...
    Related: american, american world, world wide, marketing programs, foreign exchange
  • Pan Gu Vs Genesis - 954 words
    Pan Gu Vs. Genesis PAN GU vs. GENESIS The question of creation has always been asked throughout history and will be continue to be an enigma for the rest of time. How did we [Human Beings] come to be? Every culture in the world has it's own theory or legend on how we were created. In the United States, the Christian view of creation that is often believed or referenced to, is called Genesis. In China the creation story is one of the God, Pan Gu. Both have helped people to cope with the mystery of creation. Genesis According to the Christian Biblical Account, taken from the first Chapter of the Book of Genesis, the earth and life were created in 7 days. A single God, who is referred as God, c ...
    Related: book of genesis, genesis, over time, human beings, religion
  • Panama - 1,574 words
    Panama The official name of Panama is the Republic of Panama or (Repblica de Panam). Panama is located on the narrowest and lowest part of the Isthmus of Panama that links North America and South America. This part of the isthmus is situated between 7 and 10 north latitude and 77 and 83 west longitude. Panama is slightly smaller than South Carolina, approximately 77,082 square kilometers. The country's two coastlines are referred to as the Caribbean and Pacific, rather than the north and south coasts. To the east is Colombia and to the west Costa Rica. Pacific. Dominant features of their landform is highlands forming the continental divide. The higher elevations near borders with Costa Rica ...
    Related: panama, panama canal, roman catholic, continental shelf, caribbean
  • Panama Cannal - 1,014 words
    Panama Cannal The Panama Canal; A Shorter Trade Route. Jo Bob Running head :The Panama Canal; A Shorter Trade Route Abstract For centurys man has used water as way to get from one place to another very quickly. The Panama Canal is no exception. From around the start of the 16th century people have been trying to find a way to cut a canal across the Isthmus of Panama. Many misfortunes and deaths have been sacrificed to obtain this goal. Finally in 1914 the American had completed one of the greatest feats of all time the Panama Canal, cutting a many months journey to nine hours. The Panama Canal; The Shorter Trade Route. Europeans had wanted of Central American canal as early as the 16thy cent ...
    Related: panama, panama canal, greatest invention, south america, colombian
  • Panama Cannal - 1,010 words
    ... plumbing. They sprayed pesticides by the ton. They built entire towns, complete with housing, schools, churches and meeting halls. When the cleaning was finished, Stevens began work on digging the trenches. Gigantic steam shovels scooped tons of dirt. Railroad cars ran continuously on double tracks. The used the dirt removed to form the charges Dam. By December of 1905, yellow fever had been officially eradicated in the canal region. Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Goethals took over for Stevens who resigned. Goethals was know for being demanding and rigidly organized. The hardest part of the canal process was the Culebra Cut, where 100,000,000 cubic yard of dirt and rock had to be moved.(Bri ...
    Related: panama, panama canal, english speaking, pacific ocean, permit
  • Pancho Villa - 1,440 words
    Pancho Villa Doroteo Aranga learned to hate aristocratic Dons, who worked he and many other Mexicans like slaves, Doroteo Aranga also known as Pancho villa hated aristocratic because he made them work like animals all day long with little to eat. Even more so, he hated ignorance within the Mexican people that allowed such injustices. At the young age of fifteen, Aranga came home to find his mother trying to prevent the rape of his sister. Aranga shot the man and fled to the Sierra Madre for the next fifteen years, marking him as a fugitive for the first time. It was then that he changed his name from Doroteo Aranga to Francisco "Pancho" Villa, a man he greatly admired. Upon the outbreak of t ...
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  • Panic 1837 - 976 words
    Panic 1837 The depression of 1937 was sometimes also referred to as The Panic of 1837. The true panic of this depression consisted of banks over- extending credit on insufficient collateral as well as a shortage of the nations currency. The shortage of currency failed to meet the demands of the country at a time when the nation was prospering, the railroad was laying tracks and extending outward, and canals were being built to make even more routes of transportation. Basically, people were spending money and investors were buying in to the American corporations and state bonds. In the book American History a Survey (268), it is stated that during 1835 - 1837 nearly 40 million acres of land w ...
    Related: panic, panic of 1837, works cited, state bank, busy
  • Panic Disorder - 1,212 words
    Panic Disorder The purpose of this paper is to understand Panic Disorder and symptoms, types of the disorder, treatment, and relation to other disorders and how it affects people in general. Included, is a case study of Sarah who suffered with a panic disorder. Panic Disorder is when someone experiences unexpected panic attacks followed by at least one month of persistent concern about having another panic attack, worrying about the possible consequences of the panic attacks, or a behavioral change related to the attacks (Millon, 1996, p.559). Panic Disorder is not a disease. It may be assessed, but not definitively diagnosed. This disorder is distressing and disabling, physically, psycholog ...
    Related: anxiety disorder, compulsive disorder, disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic, panic attacks, panic disorder
  • Panofskys Views On Van Eyck - 1,113 words
    Panofsky's Views On Van Eyck Panofskys purpose in writing this article was to identify a painting discovered in Brussels in 1815 (referred to as the London portrait) as the portrait of Geovanni Arnolfimi and his wife Jeanne de Cename, painted in 1434. Panofsky uses historical documentation and iconography to prove his point. Because a paintings value can be enhanced by its historical significance, it is important to discover its background. Identifying a painting from several centuries ago is not easy. Because there is no photocopy available, we must depend on physical descriptions provided by others for recognition. Only paintings possessed by rich or historically significant people would b ...
    Related: historical significance, religious faith, art history, carefully, photocopy
  • Panoptic Discipline - 808 words
    Panoptic Discipline In Michael Foiucaults Panopticism he breaks down our social/economical systems and explains societies mentality on the law system. He answers the whys in the way certain individuals act and think as they do. Many times his explanation is very much branched off of J. Benthams Panopticon. In one paragraph of Panopticism, a disciplinary mechanism is described, which is considered the best way for one to be punished, in that new knowledge and learning is gained by every individual. In this paragraph on page 316, Foucault explains how he feels a person should be disciplined and he looks at it from many different angles. This enclosed, segmented space, observed at every point, ...
    Related: discipline, everyday life, disciplinary, dream
  • Panopticisim - 1,667 words
    Panopticisim Civilizations by their very nature depend upon the acceptance of certain principals. In general terms, the people govern themselves according to laws. Laws are, of course, made by the government to designate for the for the whole of society. However, there is little fact that people don't, as a whole, do things for the greater good of society: merely for their own personal gain. Knowledge and power go hand in hand, but whose hand is it? Regardless from where a person comes from, one is always under constant surveillance by someone in society, which in return affects everyone's individual actions and reactions. To better define this governing dilemma, Michel Foucault wrote an ess ...
    Related: ruling class, good thing, small group, labor, intelligence
  • Panopticon - 722 words
    Panopticon The Panopticon in My Life Principles of the Panopticon can appear just about everywhere in our everyday life. The Panopticon itself is a simple system of centralized visualization. The basis of the original Panopticon was a circular prison system with a tower sitting in the middle that had a full, unobstructed view of all the prison cells. I can apply this idea to many situations in my life varying from computer use to my college classrooms. An instance, which stands out the most in my mind as being a panoptic environment, is my experiences in gaming casinos. The basic system of just about every casino is that of the tables (including Roulette, Blackjack and Craps) filling the cen ...
    Related: panopticon, society today, prison system, everyday life, tower
  • Pantheon - 658 words
    Pantheon Pantheon, temple dedicated to all the gods. The Pantheon of Rome is the best-preserved major edifice of ancient Rome and one of the most significant buildings in architectural history. In shape it is an immense cylinder concealing eight piers, topped with a dome and fronted by a rectangular colonnaded porch. The great vaulted dome is 43.2 m (142 ft) in diameter, and the entire structure is lighted through one aperture, called an oculus, in the center of the dome. The Pantheon was erected by the Roman emperor Hadrian between AD 118 and 128, replacing a smaller temple built by the statesman Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa in 27 BC. In the early 7th century it was consecrated as a church, San ...
    Related: pantheon, roman emperor, santa maria, emperor hadrian, varying
  • Pantomime - 1,015 words
    Pantomime Pantomime This paper is about pantomime, about it's origin, it's people, how it has evolved, and how wonderful it is. Pantomime is a dramatic performance in which a story is told or a theme developed through expressive bodily or facial movement. The origin of pantomime can be traced back to classical farce and the Italian Commedia Dell'arte. Not all pantomime is silent. The completely silent performance of pantomime was invented in Rome. Pantomime is sometimes used to worship. Mime is a short way of saying pantomime and also means someone who performs pantomime. A mime, if performing on the streets, will have a hat that is passed around for spectators to put money in. When doing pa ...
    Related: pantomime, prehistoric man, the harlequin, modern american, hunting
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